Monday, April 2, 2012

Better Late Than Never.

Or something like that.


I finished both my agonizingly stressful projects and am now freeeeeeee.

I just had to take a break from anything not directly related to those two projects; one of them being wabi-sabiliciousness.

Boo Hoo.  Poor little blogette.  Sooooo neglected.

BUT, here we are, no?

I've got garden love for you today!

These lovely spring rains have everyone's yard in a frenzy.

I have never seen the kind of growth that I'm seeing this year.

Absolutely intoxicating!  Watching all my plants grow and bloom is much like watching a child grow and bloom (with a lot less stress, admittedly).

Let's take a tour ...

Blueberry plant!!
Isn't that just something?
I think those little blossoms are sooooo pretty.
They look like fairy cocoons to me.
I planted this (in a big garbage can full of peat) in the fall and it's growth rate has been staggering.
I think you don't get fruit the first few years, but who knows?!!!
Yum Yum.

Tiny tomatoes.
Hello, cute little things of soon-to-be juicy goodness (if you don't get destroyed by the long list of tomato destroyers first).

I planted a bunch because I love to juice them.
Looking closely, I think they might already have some invaders on them.
Rat bastards.

At long last I have a Desert Willow Tree!!!
I looooooove them sooooooo much.
Thanks to my friend and neighbor, Kat-alicous, for gifting it to me. 
She's so good about sharing and is my partner in crime in all thing reusable.
Remember she made this?

She thought the Desert Willow was kinda dead, as did I, but I now think it was just late to bloom.  Sneaky good for me. 
(Wink Wink.)

Could you die?!?!
I found the most wonderful seamstress right down the street from me (Thanks, Joane!) and she made these oilcloth seats for my sling chairs (that I got from another friend and neighbor, Betsy-licious. Thanks, Betsy!)
Don't they look fabulous, dahling?
You know me and oilcloth.  I could put that stuff on everything.
Holy hell my yard is so messy.
I just can't keep up.

Knock-Out roses putting on a constant show.
I really mean constant.
They just never stop blooming!  Ever!
I love them paired with the industrial look of the stock tank.
Tres wabi-sabi.

My Flowering Senna that has never flowered.
It's growing very, very well, but no blooms.
Maybe this year.
I think it blooms late in the summer.
Fingers crossed.

My latest obsession - a Goldenball Lead Tree.
Look at that adorable POOF!
It reminds me of Horton and the Who.
I just planted this in early March and it is going gangbusters.
My friend and neighbor, Lorri, got one too, also, too.  We're kinda twins in that way.

Last year's obsession - the Fairy Duster.
I have two now.  One is doing well, the other is not.
I have no idea why.
A garden mystery, as usual.

The Jerusalem Sage is an early bloomer that I adore.
This one took a while to get going, but it's doing wonderfully now and blooms like a madwoman!

I have no idea why it took me so long to get a Desert Globe Mallow.
I think they're so lovely, and are supposedly easy to grow.
It doesn't look like it here, but the leaves are quite silvery which looks beautiful up against that peachy bloom.
I have three of them and only one is doing well.  Hmmmm.
I think it's a drainage issue.
Clay soil = poor drainage even though I've worked the decomposed granite in and every other damn thing one is supposed to do to combat terra cotta soil.
Blah, blah, blah.

New growth on a variegated  agave of some kind.
I love finding new growth on all my agave.   Agaves?
I swear  I go out one day and there's nothing there.  The next morning - an almost fully formed leaf.
Craziness, man.

I moved a whole patch of these in the fall; not sure if that was the best idea. 
The growth rate seems rather slow, but that might just be due to the move.
Fingers crossed because I really love a big mass of these.

That's it!

Whacha think?

How ya doing?

La, la, la.


  1. Oh I'm so effing jealous! It has been such a grey and rainy spring here, although the sun is out right now. But, I love all the color in your yard. And ours looks so sad, but at least a friend is coming over next weekend to help bust up concrete in the back so we may just have a veggie garden this summer...we'll see! And what is that oilcloth on the sling chairs? The prettiest I have seen, me thinks. I heart bright yellow and flowers! Sending muchly love your way, xoxoxo D.

  2. I'm fainting! I got the spring goin' on here too and it's a miracle, ain't it? After all that droughty dead dry mess? I'm dizzy with delight and I love your stuff and I want more and more and more. I planted sweet pea seeds many months ago and all I have are long masses of greenery. No blooms. Wonder what's up with that?
    ms mdd

  3. Makes me want to come hang out in your garden (even more than I want to normally!)!!

  4. REally?? I'm 5'9" so I'm hoping for thin and rich....then I can buy happiness.

    But seriously...missed you! LOVE the oilcloth chairs! And that jerusalem sage...I need some yellows. If you get a volunteer sprout I'll volunteer to take it.

    That solar chandelier...still glowing strong and I haven't replaced a single light yet. Can't say as much for the solar string lights darn it.

  5. LUV the globe mallow. MUST get for my garden. Love the chicken scootin' around your cool and comfy-looking chairs. Too adorable. I mean the chook and the chairs!

  6. This is just like a Garden Tour right in my own home. Your plants are just lovely and the oilcloth seats make a perfect picture with all your goodies.
    Thank you for the tour.

  7. I love your flowers (and vegies.) I can't garden for many reasons but I take pictures of my lovely weeds. I love weeds especially the ones that bloom.

    Your yard isn't messy! It's lovely. I know I've seen parts in person :)

  8. So glad you're back! I have a huge case of garden envy. We had frickin' SNOW less than two weeks ago. As in, my kids had a snow day snow. In late March. Right before spring break. (Yes, I'm whining.) Your garden is lovely. Messy is lovely. All those colors are lovely. If I weren't so busy learning how to do food, I'd be learning how to garden...

  9. Thank you for the garden tour. Your place is amazing!!
    Are those Catalpa blossoms beneath your newly trimmed out yard chairs?


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