Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, dammit, it's supposed to be Friday Food day, but here I am chowing down on some leftover tofu Pad Thai and watching The Descendents.


I loooooooove a sad movie.  Love, love, love sad movies.

Especially when I'm alone so that I can sob to my heart's content without freaking out the boys.

My boys went camping.

I know!  Again.

I tell ya, Jackdaddy is just about the best damn man in the world.

He's supposed to be in Italy right now.

Instead he's camping with his boy, and that's a fine, fine thing for a Daddy to do.

Jackdaddy has a tendency to overbook himself.  A lot.

Over the years this has caused him some grief.

Over the years this has caused me some grief too.

But this time my sweet man came home and said, "I'm not going.  I cancelled.  You need a break and Italy can wait."

And off they went.

I worked in the yard yesterday from just about sun up to sun down.


And now I'm alone.  I really, really, really needed some time alone.

But I miss them terribly.

Look at my two beautiful camping boys ...

Sleepy, long-haired boy.  Sigh.

Oh, I did a little blog reading last night too.

One of my favorite blogs of all time is this:  Just A Bald Man

Check out that beautiful piece about toy stores.


And, for a total non sequitur, I got some insanely ME glasses as IKEA.


Happy Friday!

Have fun storming the castle!


  1. I am so happy about Jackdaddy and Finn camping and giving you some much needed alone time.
    I know you miss them but enjoy your time to yourself.
    The glasses are beeyouteefull!!!

  2. You've got a good man there. SO glad you're getting a break - enjoy doing whatever your heart desires!

  3. Alone time is so sweet sometimes. Enjoy and bless Jack Daddy for being so thoughtful.
    ms mddd

  4. I recently watched the original An Affair to Remember (1957 with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr)...and cried several a good way. heehee. I love a good sob story too. Glorious to be in the outdoors right now! ;-)


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