Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm late with the SPRING greeting, but there were chikkins to be fed, and bird feeders to be filled, and juice to be squeezed, and flowers to be picked - you know, things you do in springtime!

My boy picked out all the ornaments today.  (We seem to be a bit low on the spring offerings.  That means a visit over to the Nova Naturals sight.  Oh Darn!  wink wink)

His reasoning for the Halloween cat was that because it's now spring there will be more sun so the cats can sleep more.  


Flowers plucked fresh from the yard;  I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

Oh, the joy of spring ... just nothing else like it.

And ours was welcomed in last night by a marvelous rain storm. 

I hope you can get outside, breathe some fresh spring air, and know that everything is going to be OK.


  1. Well I have a black kitty and I think it's right at home on the Spring...whatever you call that thing. ;-) Spring in Texas....there's no more perfect time of year!

  2. Woohoo! Spring is here (and we got an awesome cold front last night)!

  3. I noticed the pecan trees have started budding out so that is a good sign.
    Torrents of rain here which is perfect for curling up and reading a book by Jane Austen.
    Any new news on Egg?
    Your special and wonderful boy has a birthday this week, doesn't he?

  4. We got sun, hail, snow, and sleet last weekend, but things are blooming all over and it still feels like spring! And it's awesome! Bring on the light!

  5. Once again, I just wish there were a "like" button for one of your posts. Your table is lovely and yes, there is absolutely nothing like spring in Austin. Happy solstice, Holt family!


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