Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Free Library

Several weeks ago my dear, sweet mama sent me an article from the USA Today newspaper about Little Free Libraries.

NEVER, in all my life, have I been so smitten by anything.  

(Well, other than my child, and my husband, and, perhaps, a giant bowl of pasta here and there, but you know what I mean. Oh, and fairy houses have a tendency to send me into fits of hysteria.)

Other than those things though,  the Little Free Library is tops.

The first Little Free Library was built in memory of June A. Bol by her son Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin.  June was a teacher so the first one looks just like a little red schoolhouse.  (Sniff to all that sweetness.)

Please do take a little time to read all about them here:

Beyond magical.  

And why is that, I wonder?  What is it about these things that touch something in people?

I have a suspicion that it has something to do with  neighborly trust and child-like wonder.  

We're missing a bit of that in the world these days, don't you think?  

The idea that you can put something out in your yard and trust people not only to love it, but to honor it - that feels really special.

Todd Bol says that people often hug his libraries.

Now if that doesn't tear you up, I don't know what will.  I got downright snotty when I read that. (Snotty from crying, not snotty from being too big for my britches.)

Not to mention it's just good old-fashioned fun to stumble upon something so different.

(We really value different over here at The Wabi-Sabi House, to quote a friend of mine.)

And so, I present to you the first incarnation of The Wabi-Sabi House's Little Free Library:

That's one of my best friends, Elijah.

Her favorite part is the umbrella.

I plan to stock it with fairy books for her.  

She and I are very fairy-friendly and are hope, hope, hoping that some fairies stop by to check it out.

I have to admit that it's not even remotely finished nor is it what I envisioned it would be, but impatience won out in the end.

I just could not wait to get it up and running so, I sacrificed design for immediacy.

That's OK though, I'll go back and gussy it up tout suite.

I'm kind of digging the old world look thing anyway.


I'm actually not liking it so much, but that's what evolved naturally so, there you have it.

I can hear it crying for paint! Color! Tchotchkes! Silhouettes! Modge Podge! Exclamation Points!

But, for now, plain Jane.  (Apologies to all Janes as I know you are not even remotely plain, my dears.)

The selection is rather sparse as well because I just recently purged my paperbacks.

I'm off to scour FinnigantheCurious' stash for extra kid joy.

Please stop by and make a trade.

I'll be tickled orange if you do.

Maybe there should be a prize for first trader? 

How 'bout a free rooster?  

HA, HA, HA. (More on that tomorrow, ahem.)

Read on, dear ones, read on.

PS I forgot to tell you, and I know you'll ask:  I (meaning Jackdaddy) made this out of a bread box that I bought on Craigslist.  Jackdaddy cut out a hole for the glass (which I bought at Hobby Lobby), and rearranged the door for top-down opening.  Top-down is good so you don't have to hold the door up whilst you browse. We (meaning Jackdaddy) mounted it to the fence post which is a lot easier than putting in a pole.  Lucky him.  Lucky me!


  1. Oh my word, that is so danged cute!! What time is it?? It's little library time! ;-) (ps. I still hate this new validation, do you have any other options with blogger?)

  2. I can't help it! I love it the way it is! I don't think it needs a thing because you have that wonderful umbrella! Babygirl that is precious and I l o v e it. I would do that too if I lived in a proper (real people) neighborhood. They wouldn't allow it here, I imagine but I don't know for sure. hummmm? I might just do it and see what happens.
    ms md

  3. This one touches my literacy coach/wannabe school librarian's heart. (Finished the work to be a school librarian, but there are hardly any more left around here.) Not sure how it would fly in our conservative suburb, or if anyone would ever see it tucked away in our cul-de-sac. But I LIKE it. A lot! Just the way it is, especially those little letters on the front.

  4. Oh, I love love love it! I like it just the way it is too, but I see what you mean - it's not Michele-ified yet! ;)

  5. Oh, I am so happy you and Jackdaddy have fixed up a Little Library. I am so afraid people will quit reading BOOKS now that there are those books on a small TV screen. There is nothing that smells any better than a book unless it is puppy breath.
    Read on, world!!!!!

  6. I think it looks great too. Doesn't need a thing! Thank you for doing this, neighbor! I read slow but I will be definitely be a customer.

  7. OOOO I'm so glad y'all like it!!! I'm so overwhelmed with other neighborhood projects that I'm a little relieve to just let it be for the time being. I got traffic today! weeeeeee.

  8. So cute!!!! Love it!!!! I am all for this,being an ex-librarian, teehee

  9. Tera,

    You WERE??? When is that baby a' coming?

  10. finally getting around to checking the blog! we can't wait to come by and make a trade. that pic of elijah is very cute. we'll keep our eyes peeled for fairy activity, too.

  11. What a lovely idea! Now I want to put one in front of our house too. Brilliant!

  12. I love your little library. How sweet and I like that your neighbors leave you thank you notes. How fantastic.

    1. Thanks, Valarie! The notes are really my favorite part. Thanks for stopping by.


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