Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

FinnigantheCurious and I were "forced" to make a quick stop in Goodwill Tuesday night as our Thai food order was not quite ready.

I found some flower love ...

Strawberry napkins!

That is some old-fashioned strawberry love.  Love, love, love them.

Two for $1.99!

I couldn't pass up this tablecloth thingee at $1.99 ...

It's so old that it feels like a handkerchief.

Super, super soft like buttah.

I also got some thriftiness at HEB, of all places ...

Flower Power Plates!

Can you tell I have a case of Springitis?

ONE dollar for these dinner plates!

I bought all they had.  I think I got about 10.  I wanted more.

The young girl checking me out seemed slightly horrified when I asked if there were any more.

I have a feeling that her house has a lot of black and white, maybe even some zebra print  action.

Anyway, I have no shame over my flower power obsession.

Oh, and so many of you asked about the 7-Up machine.

We couldn't go yesterday after all, but we're going out this afternoon with Jackdaddy.

Here it tis:

I did realize that it holds cans instead of bottles and that might be a deal-breaker for me, but not sure yet.

(OK, so actually Jackdaddy realized it, but so what?)

I simply cannot resist the UNCola logo lure!

Think about that today, Missy.


  1. LOVE the 7 up machine! We have an old Pepsi machine that holds bottles. We used to keep it full of beer until our waistlines protested from the ready and unlimited supply of frosty cold ones.

  2. Thanks for posting Geoffrey Holder! "Seb'm up, the Uncola..." I love his voice.

  3. Where do you find these things!! You are knocking me out, kid. This guy makes me think the soda is fresh fruit juice and want me some. Love the soft napkins and bargain plates. I gotta do me somethin' different around here. I have white ever-thing.
    ms mdd

  4. I really like all the fun flower colors, and all just goes together. Eating anything off those plates would be so fun! The thing with seasonal stuff is...where to store when it's not the season?? I'm obsessed with where to store stuff....I think about that before I buy anything. Cans are ok too. Recyclable, cost less to transport, etc.

  5. flower power rocks! love all the springtime treasures, but soda machine? blech! i hate soda, even if it's the un-cola.

  6. Betty - I SAW your machine in the man cave post! drool drool

    Danielle - Glad your posts are coming through again!

    Nan - I looooove his voice too! I totally remember these ads.

    Ms. Mudd - Get your color on, mama!

    Kat - I'll used these plates year-round for sure. I alow myself two bins for each holiday and they go in the garage. If I get more - somethings gotta go!

    Carey - I don't like soda either. The kids love it though. We plan to fill one row with sparkling waters. Mmmmm.

  7. i couldn't help but think of Titaya's! I love their mango and sweet rice/cocoanut dessert, mmmmmmmm

  8. Tera - You KNOW that's where we were. I love their pad thai soooo much. Tofu pad thai, no egg, extra tofu. FRIED tofu..mmmmm. Your pregnant self needs some!

  9. This is off-topic, but I have to say I love seeing your house when I walk around the neighborhood. It's so bright and cheery and fascinating. Inspirational stuff!

  10. Anonymous - That is MY kinda off-topic! Thank you for the compliments...stop and say HI sometime.

  11. That commercial--I'd forgotten those! Made me laugh. And I love all your finds (of course). Do you have boutique Goodwills in Austin? We've got two in Portland--one right downtown with mostly high-end stuff, and one in a funky area of town with the coolest funky stuff. It's like someone is curating the best stuff from all of them and sending them to those two places. They've got great stuff, but the prices are higher. Anyway, I love all your flowers. I've been itchin' for spring myself. Not good to be doing that in P-town when it's still February...

  12. You can find the tutorial for my birdcups on my blog.

    Have a look at the blogs, the pictures are copied from, helps sometimes. ;-)

    Greets, Katja


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