Thursday, February 2, 2012


Who's there?


Orange, who?

Orange you glad I didn't tell you that long-ass joke about the banana and the orange?


I'm all up in the orange today.  

Hooray!  I looooove orange.

Do you know that Frank Sinatra said,  "Orange is the happiest color."?
(I have no idea how to punctuate a quote and question at the same time.)

He also said, "Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the Bible says to love your enemy." 

So, maybe he was drunk when he made that orange quote?

Anyway.  Some orange is on the menu today.

My precious, precious cupcake stand/nature table that Grandmary got me for Christmas is currently a Clementine stand.

They are the only thing, other than pizza and carrots, that FinnigantheCurious will currently eat so we keep a lot of them around. (A round ... hahaha ... get it?)

Hey, I suppose he's on an orange binge too.  How 'bout them apples?  Oranges.

Wow.  I'm on a corny joke binge today.

Remember THIS POST?

I just could not get that Miss Baba the  Elephant out of my head so, I made one!

I printed out an elephant silhouette from the Oracle then cut it out.

Placed it on a small, canvas bag from Hobbby Lobby (aka The Evil Empire) and traced around the edges with a fabric marker from Jerry's Artorama (not the Evil Empire).

Here's what the markers look like if you want to get some:

They're "Fun for ages 8 and up!"

They do require adult supervision though.  

I wonder why on Earth markers require adult supervision?

Oh, the iron-ons.  OK, I get that.

Um, where was I?

 Oh, yea, then I colored it in and ...


Isn't she adorable?

I filled a baggie with some sand and plopped it in the bag.

She has handles (the bag, not the elephant) so I can move her from room to room.

Those of you who live in old homes know the never-ending door issues. 

They won't stay open, they won't stay closed.  They won't stay open, they won't stay closed.

Now they will.  

I suppose I could also use it as a bag sometimes.  Maybe if the doors are behaving?

Orange you happy for me?

Thanks to NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN for the inspiration.


  1. Very good. She is quite adorable.

    Orange you the clever one.

  2. Awright Girl! Now you are doin' it! I love it.

  3. Love your elephant. I always think I'm going to buy some of those fabric markers and do...I don't know what but something really cool. I'm sure I can find some inspiration on your Pin boards, which I'm feeling like just copying onto mine.

    Oh, and it goes like this: Frank Sinatra said, "Orange is the happiest color"? (The English Teacher at your service...)

  4. Sure, the bag is nice. But I'm in awe of that beautiful tile...the blues and greens. I bet if I looked at it without my glasses on it would look like the varying shades of clear blue and green of the Caribbean ocean in Playa del Carmen, Mehico. >sigh< vacation.


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