Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I love Ruth.

I am shamelessly stealing content from over at    THE GRACKLE.

It's one of my favorite blogs and one that I peek at most days.

I found this little jewel over there the other day and simply cannot help but re-post it as it is soooooo hilarious and adorable.

I've been so busy over here that I've not even had a chance to download pictures, must less yak about them.  Whine. Whine.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did;  I have a feeling you will.

My favorite line: "I'm sorry to make you jealous, but I haven't been in a supermarket in at least 14 years."

Long Live Ruth!


  1. This is a woman I truly admire. I thought I was alone and then I found Ruth. I gotta get me some hay. She's got the right idea. Thanks for finding her. She's wonderful
    ms mdd

  2. What a splendid video.

    I read a book by Louise Erdrich called The Master Butchers Singing Club and one character in that book gardened like this - she would throw kitchen scraps, old beer, and seeds altogether out in the pea patch and just let nature do it's thing.

    Her thinking was that seeds want to grow all on their own and people just meddle too much.



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