Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green and Orange and HELP.

Back in APRIL, I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets.

Yes, that is 10 months ago.  As in, almost a year.

I got what I thought was the hard part done:  WHY?
(That was so long ago there was a different font to read by.  EEK!)

I finally got them back and up on Monday.  

Yea, as in, 4 days ago Monday.

They sat on my patio  (swelling and shrinking and shrinking and swelling) for several months.  Then there was the evil CLIFF who totally f'd me over.  Then there was more patio sitting.  Then there was Mark who got the job done.

And now there is a lot of green.  

A tease.

A tease of green and orange!

Thar she blows.

Really, really green.  

I am loving it.  I am really, really loving the green soooo much.  And it is a lot of green to love, lemme tell ya.

It's very vintage-looking in here now even with the modern glass tile, and I'm digging it. 

I had no idea the this color would make the kitchen look so vintage, but it did and I'm glad. 

I'm finding myself moving back to vintage again.  

No matter how hard I try to get clean and modern, I've just got to have some vintage in my world.

Shall we compare the green to the white?

Before (which I'm posting after the after).

You know, I liked the white too.  It was just that it was so ... white.

I seriously have a color problem.  I just cannot leave well enough alone.  Must paint.

Also, too, as well, that white was such a crap job (I've ranted about this enough) that they could not be cleaned at all.  AT ALL.  The dude left them at basically primer with just a cursory coat of almost flat on them.  Suckkkkkked.  Dog hair would stick to them even.  Blech.

No mas, my pretties.  Super slick mofo high-gloss finish now.

And, because I like to keep things simple and uncluttered ...
(That is a joke, in case you didn't get it.)

Mis-matched knobs.

Super green cabinets and mis-matched knobs from Anthropologie - KACHOW!

"Unfortunately," I do not have enough pulls and need to go get more.  Woohoo!

(I was going to show you some picture of the ones I want, but the Anthropologie site is being all bossy and whatnot ... won't let me post them.  Pffft.)

This kitchen is turning into color madness.

FinnigantheCurious will probably live in a super modern, totally white codo devoid of all color and muss.  I'll be sneaking over to his pad with patchwork dish towels and crap.

Um, yea, so what else?  

Another picture?

Now ...

here's where I need help.

Where to put the knobs?!

There are so many examples of where to put pulls, but apparently no one uses knobs anymore so I have no idee where to place them.

From what I can tell, it seems that the the most popular way is to put the knobs close to the bottom on the top cabs, and close to the top on the bottom cabs. 

But I just don't know.  

And look over there on the right drawer.  It's got a glass blue knob right in the center, where it should be, but where I am going to put the knob that goes on the door below?   If I put it centered, under the top one, it will look silly.  If I place it up towards the top, but closer to the dishwasher, where it should be, won't that look weird and off compared to the one above?

Tell me what you think because I'm befuddled on this and I am SO not redoing a bunch of holes.  So not.

If you're not completely bored by now, there's more to come!

I even put liner on all the shelves.

My bff Mo is having her house remodeled and she is getting her kitchen cabinets to.ta.lly redone what with them being painted all inside and out.  

I was so fired up on the thought of that, but knew I could not possibly paint the inside of mine so,  I decided I would line them all with some delightful contact paper stuff.   

You know, something cool, but on the cheap.  

So I found this ...

Now, these are the times that I wish I was a fancy blogger and I could send a friendly little email to those nice folks at Chic Shelf Paper and HINT that I sure would like to use this paper and I would be happy to TALK about it if I just happened to get some of it free.  

Or something like that.

Alas, I just got overwhelmed at how much it would cost, and the plethora of choices, and blah blah blah before you know it I was at Lowe's buying some cheap crap that looks kinda OK.  

It's not hard to put in at all so I might, at some point, go back and put in this dream stuff, but I'm fine for now. 

 It's actually kinda sweet and grandma-looking ...

Not so bad, huh?

I can live with it.

OK, last thing to end the post that never ends ... some orange love.

I had a little Etsy accident.

It was just a tiny accident at less than $20.  With shipping, you know.

Is that ME or whut?

La, la, la long, long post is now finito.


  1. I love knobs on cabinets because, after years of opening and shuting, you have greasy fingerprint marks where you open and shut, open and shut.
    I know where the knobs go but I am sure you will have lots of info coming in about that situation.
    I was convinced the kitchen could not look better before green but see? I was wrong. It looks totally wonderful.

  2. Love it! You're so brave to 'go there.' The knob on the skinny cab below the drawer should be a few inches from the top and centered with the drawer pull. That cab in skinny enough that opening it from the center knob will feel just the same as if it were positioned left.

    For the upper cabs, with your height, I would definitely put the knobs on the bottom of the cab opposite the hinges, so you're pulling it open as gently as possible. If the knob were centered along the bottom, you would use more torque/force to pull the cabinet open.

    Same deal with the lower cabs: toward the top of the cab so you're not bending over too far, and opposite the hinges so you're pulling open at the easiest point.

    Not that I know it all..... ;-)

  3. Love the green!! Love the orange, too - must.stay.away.from.etsy! (me, not you!)

  4. Loooooooooove it. It's so, so SO pretty! It's actually one of the prettiest kitchens that I've ever seen. And yes, the green is so much more superior than the white. I agree with Kat on the knob situation.

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH*LOVE* your kitchen and your taste and your things!!! This is lie a dream kitchen in my book. Very Nice.

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH*LOVE* your kitchen and your taste and your things!!! This is lie a dream kitchen in my book. Very Nice.

  7. I agree with Kat - about everything.

    And the map door pulls are totally speaking to me. Those are super cool.

  8. The green gives the kitchen so much more life and soul! You did a really good job. And isn't Anthropolgie the bomb when it comes to knobs? It's my go to knob source :)

  9. I LOVE the green. (But, I had green cabinets in my last house--done after a mold debacle I shall not go into here--so I'm partial to green.) I think it goes much better with the style of your cabinets. And I'm tired of seeing white cabinets everywhere, I think.

    As for the knobs--I'm looking at my (ugly fake-brass) ones right now, and all the door knobs are in the corners you describe and the drawer knobs are all centered. Even the skinny door under the drawer next to the dishwasher. It doesn't look weird at all. I think it might if you do only that one door differently though?

    And orange. You know I love me some orange :)

    What I'm lusting after more than that orange pitcher is your stove though!

  10. I love the green. It's soothing to the eyes. I have green in my kitchen too, but it's the tile backsplash and not the cabinets and my cabinet door knobs/pulls are also green glass.

    The orange pitcher just pops. Very cool!

    I won't tell you where to put the knobs 'cause I had a lot of trouble with that myself.

    I will tell you to keep your eyes open for old rolls of wallpaper. Sometimes they work well used as shelf liners and they're pretty cheap at thrift stores if you can find something you like. Laura

  11. Wowzers! Ms Wabi! What a great and good difference the green makes. The floors "pop" as they say, and I think with those amazing drawpuls they would look like little pieces of art anywhere you put them. Somebody we both know and love was wearing a beautiful moss green dress and a daffodil yellow sweater the other day and she looked so fine so fine and so spring time.
    ms mdd
    p.s. Now I want some drawpuls. (This is what a funny friend calls them..drawer pulls, get it?)

  12. p.p.s. I love your new photo, by the way. It gives me a sweet trip.
    ms mdd

  13. OOo thanks everyone!!

    I was kinda worried as to whether it was TOO green, but I think not.

    I'm taking Kat's advice on the knobs, but I'm still holding out on that one by the dishwasher. I just can't tell yet. EEEK!

    And, oooooohhhhhh, I got more pulls yesterday at Anthro. That place is beyond dangerous for me. Holy cow. But just wait till you see them. swooon.

    SO glad y'all are in on the green love!


  14. Love the green cabinets and I really think the Lowes contact paper is cute and works with your adorable dishes. I dig the grandma aesthetic typically and it's very wabi-sabi to go with the affordable option. Good work.

  15. I love you for those mismatched Anthropologie knobs. Brilliant. As for placement, I agree - the bottom of the top cabinets and the top of the bottom cabinets, except for that skinny bottom cabinet which I think you should center at the top, below the drawer knob. But whatever you do it will look fabulous! BTW, going to Warrenton in a few weeks and will totally look for some colorful Pyrex for you :)


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