Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Alas, another short and sweet for you today.

I'm in the middle of handling some major neighborhood projects, and my free time has dwindled down to nada.

However, I bring you some super-foxyness to tide you over, rover:

This is what my mornings are looking like these days.

Damn that Crazy, Sexy Life woman.

Yea, I'd rather have a hot, fat biscuit and some gravy too, but I sure do FEEL good.

Super foxy new pulls from Meccanthropologie.

Swoon yer ass off, my pretties. They're mine, allll mine.

The ultimate Fox.

I wanted to run away with him and live in his cozy foxhole and drink tea and eat cakes all day.

Damn the juice and damn the health - tea and cakes for everyone!

PS  Happy Leap Day.


  1. Do you think Mr. Fox would like an older woman like me? Honey, I would eat his tea cakes any old day.

  2. He sure is a handsome creature. I would go to his tea party. My 3rd Grandfather, the huntsman, would turn in his grave.

  3. Ah...I see you took Sortaoldlife's lesson on scale, color, pattern from her thrift plates and applied that to your knob selection!! Good for you! And they do all look great together!

    Now the juice...I have a $300 stainless steel juicer that we use about once a year. Gimme your juice recipe and I'll go shopping, looks fabulous!

    And I always wondered, what do you do with the veggie/fruit bits left over? They seem too good to throw away or compost, but I have no idea how to use them. Good blog topic for you.

  4. Merry - Mr. Fox would LOVE you. Isn't he FABULOUS?

    Jenny - We'd have to sneak in for tea and not tell Grandfather. wink wink. I forgot to tell you the other day that we had that fire pit poured by the guys who finished out our spa area. It was easy peasy and practically that stuff goes.

    Kat - follow that link to Crazy Sexy Diet or just google "best juice recipes." That sounds like a damn fine juicer you have. Oh, holy toledo girl, you make broth with it! Just throw all that stuff in a pot with some garlic and some onion and boil er on up. Strain it. Keep the juice for cooking and put the slime in the compost! Ta da!

  5. Awesome knobs! I have knob envy.

    And I want cakes, too. Am having my own dietary angst. Seems I really do need to be gluten free. Damn it to HELL.

    Ah well. Blog fodder. It's a gift, right?

  6. I envy your knobs too! And me and Merrymerry are two foxy ladies so we can share.
    ms md
    p.s. I practically use that apple cider vinegar as a beverage. I put it on everything.


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