Monday, February 6, 2012

East Austin Succulents / Tillery Street Plant Co.

Well, what with it being all spring here (I know you northerners find this hard to believe, but it's true), my thoughts, alongside every other gardener in town, have turned to EL JARDIN.

Now, I also know that we are probably going to get one, possibly two, very ugly freezes yet.  That's just the way Mother Nature works here in Texas.  She's tricky.

But none of us can resist.  

I'm crazy excited to get started on my new ginormous succulent bed.

I got all those damn cement pieces moved in (whew).  I still need to move some things out (blech) like a defunct little bird bath and some downed wood (critter habitat), but after that ... the fun part!

I've  already mentioned East Austin Succulents before, but I'm gonna give you a big old honkin' tour today.  

Get ready for a lot of pictures.  

I can't stop taking picture when I go there.  

I can't stop feeling a little panicked about winning the lottery when I'm there too. 

There are actually two nurseries on this one funky east side property:  East Austin Succulents and Tillery Street Plant Co..  

Eric Pedley runs EAS and Jon Hutson runs Tillery Street. 

(Both cuteashell, by the way.)  

(Not that I care, I'm just sayin'.)

Um, so, you know you're on to something fabulous as soon as you walk up ...

Isn't that door just fantastic?

Orangeliciousness! And oh the font, the font, the font.  Swoon.

And then ...

 Mecca beckons.

Oh, there's more.  More, more, more my pretties.

I'm just going to tantalize you with pictures now.

Prepare to be tantalized within an inch of your succulenticus lifeicus.

Uh, yea, and that's just the East Austin Succulent side.

Now, check out the love on the Tillery Street Plant Co. side ...

 The world's best office.

This piece was made by Jon's wife.  

Do not buy it.  I want it.   It's mine.  I mean it. Next paycheck. 

A swing from The Red Swing Project, of course.

Of course, of course, of course because everything here is just so wonderful and fabulous.

I know every gardener has their favorite spot;  this one is mine.

I care very much about customer service and these guys are really on top of that.  

They're friendly, and helpful, and really glad to have your business.

Me likee.

The nurseries are located at 701-801 Tillery Street on Austin's east side.

East Austin Succulents can be reached at (512) 947-6531

Tillery Street Plant Co. can be reached at (512) 567-1090

I hope you pop over for a visit because I really, really really want them to stay in business and also because I think you'll really, really, really love it there.

Bring the kids too, there's room to roam.

It's a happy place, fo sho!

PS In the name of full disclosure, Eric styled me with some freebies, but only because he is really sweet and I was gushing all over the place about everything and telling him I was going to blah, blah, blog about it all.  I planned this blog post before he lined the old pockets.  Cha-ching!


  1. I have had a ground cover for years and years called Lanella (my name for it). I don't think it is a succulent but it stays green year round and is small. It does better with a daily bath but seems to survive no matter what.
    Your pictures are great. If I lived in Austin...........

  2. I'm also on the trail of succulents. I'll be planting them all over the back yard. I really love flowering plants more, but the reality is: Drought and my stuff just suffered last summer so I am in replacement mode. Show me More!!
    ms mdd

  3. Thanks for the tip! Will have to check it out soon. I've been digging in the dirt today ('til a little rainshower gave me an excuse to come in and rest my achin' back), making room for more goodies. Isn't it just THE perfect weather?

  4. WOOHOO! Can't wait to see what your succulent garden looks like when you're done!

  5. You didn't show your birdbath that you're tossing. A friend in Travis Hts. used a broken one and repurposed the bowl part to plant more succulents and plopped it in her rock garden. Way cool. It was made of concrete so it dried out quickly ... not leaving the succulents soggy. Wouldn't work with a ceramic birdbath unless you drilled it.

  6. I WISH we had something close to this around here. I know we have some sort of a cactus nursery up in Seattle that kicks a bunch of ass, but the closest I've come to succulent love is Furney's Nursery a ways away from me...

  7. Yes, that is the coolest office ever. Forget the plants--I want THAT!

    I'd love some plants, too--but kinda not because I'd likely kill them. Maybe this is the year I'll finally learn some stuff about how to make green things grow. Trying hard to keep my ficus and jade alive.

  8. wow - thanks for sharing.... I'm for sure going this weekend. What were the average prices for the small succulents? So lucky you got some freebies!

  9. Looks fantastic! Though I'm pleased, for once, I'm not even tempted by the incomparable gorgeousness of succulents. Gardening is a a great life adventure, complete with obstacles, challenges, and great rewards. I'll be more than happy to return to it, but for now, I'm happy to spend spring and summer in a cooler, wetter clime, visiting great and ancient gardens.

    Will very much look forward to seeing how your garden grows over the next few months!

  10. I too have garden fever! Yippee! I'm going to have to check those places out - thanks for the heads up!

  11. I'm so glad you shared this! I drove by there just as they were closing on Saturday - I knew it was late but I wanted to see where they were. I loved it! I'll definitely go back there! :)


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