Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DAY 3.

Today is our last day of our 4-day screen fast.

I'm totally surprised we made it this far, honestly.  Heee.  

I'm having severe Pinterest withdrawal.  Severe.

Normally I would give you some Valentine love, but all you get is a recap of how we spent our screen-free day yesterday.  

We made a Galaxy Shirt inspired by a tutorial I saw on Pinterest.  I would give you the link, but if I go over to Pinterest there will be no turning back.




Old, dark shirt.  Spray it with bleach.

Spray some more. 

Get crazy and even dab some on.

Drips are good.

Glob on some white fabric paint.

Mess up a big spot and call it a nebula.

Look super cute and when they ask where you got it, tell them you made it.

Tell them you made it even if they don't ask.

Checked on our hot dog mummy experiment.

We blatantly stole this idea from our friend Gus who did it as his science fair experiment this year.

RAD idea Gus!  Come on over and let's compare shriveled up dawgs, dawg.

I made the best beans I have ever made in my entire life times a million.


Lima beans extraordinaire.

Recipe later.  If I remember. 

Made Valentines.

We got the family ones out in the mail last week.  (Barely.)  These just wrapped up this evening.

We bought plastic swords at the liquor store and Finn stabbed a pile of gumdrops on to them.  Then we made, "Be Mine Or Else" tags for them.

That's me:  the mama who goes to the booze store for my kid's Valentines.

Take that Hallmark.

We'll be hand-delivering tomorrow for extra sweetness.

Eat a lot of chocolate today; it's good for you, dammit.



  1. You're not in 4th grade anymore...and you're still making valentine's for people?? Wow. Really dang cute though! What we all really want are your recipes for the beans and the stuffed portabella (looks like chicken, spinach and cheese mix). I heart you!

  2. I got the Chocolate L O V E and I also think your shirt project looks very interesting. Happy V Day to you.
    ms md

  3. We got the VD gum drops and because I am a super nice person I gave CC the licorice one and "made" myself eat the red one.

    Thank you so much.
    Thefinn and Jackdaddy are so lucky and blessed to have you as the Mammawife.

  4. I have mine too, saved on the entry table like a talisman. I wonder if ya'll got the walking walrus valentine from me via email.
    ms mdd

  5. oopsie I mean to say talking and I think it might be a seal. haahaa
    ms mdd


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