Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Chickens love buttermilk.

 So do cattens.  (That's Finn's name for a cat that is still sort of a kitten.)

LOOK at Lanell's face over there on the right.  

She is so irritated.  (She's always irritated about something.)

And, DUH.

I forgot to show my new orange pretty when I did my orange post last week.

Isn't it adorable?

Have I told you that I grew up with cookware like this?  YES!  I did.

My mama was such a beacon of fabulousness.  

All our cookware was this super orange enamelware from Japan.  

I only have one skillet left from my childhood (bad Mama, bad bad!), but I am thinking about, maybe, just maybe, starting to add some pieces here and there.

Ebay, glorious Ebay has tons of it.

Mmmm.  Since my kitchen cabinets are going to be back tomorrow (TOMORROW!!), and they are going to be that dreamy olive green, well, I'm just thinking how fabulous olive and orange go together.

I think I will.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

PS Can I just tell you that FinnigantheCurious and I are off to look at a 7-Up machine from the 70s?  Finn wanted to set the alarm he was so thrilled.   Hee hee.  I'll let you know.


  1. I get your thing abour orange, and also enamelware as it lasts forever, but ummm....what in tarnation will you do with a soda machine? More importantly, WHERE will you put it...our 50's houses are tiny I tell ya. I'm guessing the back porch.

    I love saying 'back porch.' It implies you have a front one...which you do. Jealous.

  2. What is a 7-Up machine? Can't wait to see!

  3. Love the photos of the catten and the chickens--they seem to get along well...

  4. I, too, love buttermilk and, as a matter of fact, am drinking a glass of it along with a potted meat/mayo sammidge.
    Would that I had kept all that orangewear but, being uninformed, I tossed it. Sigh.

  5. I never thought chikkens would drink buttermilk. I myself would not. Yogurt, yes.
    Love the orange and can't wait for the 7-up machine. Pictures at least?
    mms mdd

  6. Love that orange--it's one of my favorite colors. And I somehow missed that you're getting olive green cabinets. Two houses ago I had whitewashed oak cabinets I hated that were restained an olive color, and I LOVED them. Can't wait to see yours...

  7. Hilarious... Lanell is giving the kitty the stink eye!! I'm still laughing about your "Put a bird on it" post. Ha:)

  8. One of our friends refers to cats as Cattens as well. :)

  9. I, too, feel a deep, abiding kinship to all things turn of the century and/or retro seventies chic-awesome.

    I think we need to wear it with pride! Who else will keep orange enamel cookware alive if not for us!

    And chickens love cooked instant oatmeal, too. And whey - if you ever make cheese. They go bonkers for it.

  10. Kat - on the patio-a-go-go. Or maybe on the front porch to trip out the neighbors. heeeee

    Corrick - see it today?

    Mama - tossed. sniff.

    Ms. Mudd - come have an uncola with us!

    Rita - you did?!? I LOVE olive and orange together. My cabinet doors were supposed to come today. Sniff. Maybe tomorrow.

    Wren - I can't stop watching that video.

    Katina - great minds think alike!

    Lindsey - Did you grow up in the 70s? I need a recovery group for orange flower lovers. Whey - oh I bet they would. They love regular milk too.

  11. Oh my gosh, you have the girl of my boy! Lanell looks just like Big Tiny Little, my blue roo. Beautiful. I'll tell you another thing, he would NOT stand by and watch a catten sup outta his cup, sister. No sireeeee.


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