Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Camping, Eartha, and The 70s.

I spent the entire day yesterday washing clothes and cleaning up muddy paw prints from every possible surface in my home (including my bed).  

We didn't take the dog with us on this trip - they just got babysat.  

Rain + dogs + no one home full-time = EEwwwww.

Here are some scenes from camping to tide you over until tomorrow when, again, I shall have nothing to talk about except laundry and cleaning.  

Welllll, there might be one little surprise.  

OH! Maybe two little surprises actooally.  One is green and one is orange.  

But, wait, there's more!

After the camping pictures, you've got to click over to the other two blogs I listed at the bottom. 

That'll give you something to do instead or your own laundry or, heaven forbid, actual work at your job!


It is such a wonderful thing to unplug for a few days and get ones feet wet and dirty.  The Mother calls us all, does she not? 

But enough of that smarmy stuff.


I am telling you that I have laughed out loud SO many times whilst reading her blog.   

Big old guffaws and snorts coming out of me.  LOVE that.

I want to be her best friend.  Maybe marry her.  Be a bridesmaid at her wedding, at the very least.  We're perfect together because she hates to drive and I can drive anything, anywhere, anytime.  I can drive, I tell ya.

Be sure to scroll down to the Gay/Werewolf/Valentine smut post.  OH. MAH. GAWD, y'all.

The other blog is THIS SORTA OLD LIFE

My friend, Rita, had me in complete and total APOPLEXY yesterday with her 70s mismatched plate collection post.  

I am now, literally, obsessed with finding 70s flower plates.  

Yep, I am totally ripping off her idea and making it my own.  Giving her full credit, of course, but I am doing it.  

I'm going to Savers today.

When (and if) I finish the laundry.


  1. Hey, good thing we don't live in the same state! Wouldn't want to get in one of the Wal-Mart style brawls with you over some gaudy old plate! :-) Thanks for the shout-out--and for turning me on to Eartha Kitsch. Love that woman's writing!

  2. Thanks for the super kind words and for the link-up! We can totally get married and instead of registering for gifts at fancy department stores, we'll register at thrift stores. I too love some mismatched plates. It's on!

  3. I love you too Eartha, and Ms. Wabi for turning me on. I love a mismatched life!
    Ms Mudd

  4. Rita - Ha, can you imagine? I'd share with you!!

    Eartha - OMG I would to. ta. lly register at a thrift store!! or Etsy! Holy crap, now I really wanna get married again.

    Ms. Mudd - You are my mismatched soul sista in every way!

  5. Martin Dies is my neck of the woods right now, literally :)

  6. I love so much that you guys are loving the popup! Makes me happy. Off to check out the new blogs...

  7. Wow. Thanks for turning me on to Eartha! Hilarious! Will check out Rita next.


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