Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unfinished Business

I had a little shopette experience at Savers yesterday.  

I had FinnigantheCurious with me so there was no time for the luxury Savers experience.

I picked up two sheets of floral love.  
The pink one will be made into a dress and the other brownish/greenish one is going to be a kitchen curtain.

Those lovely green and white prints are place mats.  
"Vera" place mats.  
Whatever that means.  
Vera Wang, maybe?  
I dunno, but they are sooo pretty, and brand spankin' new and loverly.

The only problem with these new pretties is that I already have a stack of unfinished business to attend to.

That's a little problem I have.  

I get the stuff to do the project, but fall short on the doing part.

My stack of fabric that was supposed to be place mats.  
(Hence the buying of the already made place mats.)

Ooo, that stack looks so pretty that it gets me all fired up to get working on them again. 

Poor Finnigan is suffering from my projectus abandonmentus issue as well ...

Still need to finish  decoupaging the dresser drawers.

Actually, he's not suffering at all over this.  
He loves having everything dumped on the floor all kid-style.
He will probably rue the day that the doors are finished.
He's got no need to worry about it at this point.  Ahem.

Oh, and, yea, the laundry.
The laundry that reproduces overnight.

I really don't even mind folding laundry.  
I like it, really.  
I'm not sure why this happens.

It's a project, that's why.

Yes, that is a piece of Christmas wrapping paper still on the end of the couch.  Why do you ask?

What's on your project list?  Do you have a stack somewhere?

I'm off to fold laundry.  

Really, I am.


  1. I have so many projects, not sure where to start.
    I think your Vera placemat is Vera Bradley. Good find.

  2. Funny how those amazing ideas we have get us all fired up with enthusiasm and then...in the midst of doing and making mistakes and doing over and being interupted and then trying to find the enthusiasm to get started again....welp...that's why things sometimes sputter to a stall. Just remember that amazing you-just-cleaned-out-the-fridge-feeling....think of that end goal and get back to work on the dresser. Just do one drawer a day. Now...I'm off to take my own advice. ;-)

  3. Here is a tried and true solution to projecti unfinishtus:
    take a nap, drink a cuppa sweet tea and read a few chapters of a good book. The projects still won't be done but you will be soooo happy you won't care.

  4. Too many unfinished ones to list. BUT, I am almost done with a furniture project. HA HA! I think it may be the first one I've actually done. I love to buy junky furniture that I say I'm going to fix up, but then I never do it. This one only needs maybe two more coats of paint. It's great procrastination from the bathroom project, and it's totally blocking the garage--the two reasons it's actually close to being finished.

  5. Did you say "a stack"? Hahahahaaaaaa my whole house is stacks. Unfortunately, not my projects, but Morgan's. She has taken over the whole front room ("my" office) as her sewing room. But I can't discourage her creativity, can I?

  6. Well, see, the way I look at it? If you have no projects on had you will feel funny. It's better to have them, not do them, and feel delish because you know you have something NOT to do. No fun having stuff to do and doing it!
    ms mdd

  7. Linda - oh, yes, I bet it is Vera Bradley. I see her name when I'm looking for stuff on ebay.

    Kat - doing a drawer as we speak!

    Anonymous - Now that you mention a cuppa sweet tea..mmmm

    Rita - I know you know, mama.

    Nan - ooo I forgot Morgan sews!! would she be interested in making me a dress? hmmmm. emailing you now.

    Ms Mudd - OMG that is THE funniest, best thing EVER. You're precious.

  8. Hi, lady! My parents had Vera sheets when I was little. They were super cool. Vera herself seems pretty great too. http://www.theveracompany.com/?page_id=76

  9. JOOLIE!!! holy hell, that is SO weird...I had a dream about you like 2 days ago. Maybe cuz I saw Melinda, but wooeeeooo.
    AND, oh wow, Vera Nuemann is sooo cool. That's exactly who it is cuz they have the little siggie thing. Thank you ever so much and I'm so glad to hear from you.

  10. Yes, that sheet looks a lot like the dress fabric, I love the placemats, nice fresh and springy.
    Laundry---I had mine in piles in the laundry room, now i finally folded it last night, put it in my cool container store foldable laundry things, cannot seem to get it in the bedroom, don't mind folding, it is the putting it away--but we both know now where are fresh undies are hiding!!!


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