Monday, January 9, 2012

Pedernales Falls State Park

Woke up to RAIN (yea!), and cold, and mounds (literally) of laundry.
A perfect day for staying home and to unpack all the madness that constitutes "home from camping."
You'll have to be content with pictures today as I'm in a relative stupor this morning.

A Northern Cardinal party at the magnificent Pedernales bird blind.  (Actually, there are two bird blinds now!) 
We call it "Bird Church."  They have these pew-type things in the blinds and we sit there in total reverence. Just incredible.  

This was left at our campsite by previous tenants.
How delightful is that? And a great idea for "something to do" while camping.

I have never in my life seen the falls this dry.  I felt sad at first, but then realized that it was a whole new experience being able to walk all through there.  So cool to see where the really deep swimming holes are.  Normally you can't tell because it's all covered in water.
If you look closely you can see that some little boy did not care that it was January and took a swim anyway!  Some other little boy would have too had he not had jeans on.  (Damn pants!)

FinnigantheCurious, Geoffreythebeautiful, and Uncle Paul. 
This was only our second trip with the pop-up, and HOLY COW, man, we looooooove pop-up world!  Totally different trip than tent camping and I, for one, am not looking back.  It's the perfect blend for me.  We still spend all our time outside and we cook outside, but sleep ... oh, the wonderful sleep in that cozy cave is divine.

Off to "warsh," as we say in Texas.

Hope you had a good weekend too, also, too.


  1. The cardinals are STUNNING. And...the boys have nature all around and they still must have their electronics...sheesh. ;-) My hubby would be the same way, heehee.

  2. Good times and warshing go together. It's worth it.
    ms mdd
    p.s. The birds are gorgeous. We have a pair who visit our feeder.

  3. The photo with the cardinals is nothing short of amazing!! I've never seen so many cardinals in one spot. Wow--very cool!

  4. "They" say it will take years for Texas water places to recover even if we have lots of rain. We can but hope.
    I am so happy your family is enjoying camping and each other. These are memory-making times.
    Gorgeous pictures!!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. wow! I haven't been camping since uh, 1988, but you make a strong case! loooove the naturez, great photos!

  6. OK, I take back what I said about wifi being my idea of camping. This looks wonderful. Feeling very jealous of your weather here in the gray, cold northwest.

  7. the pop-up sounds like perfect camping for me! and those cardinals are FANTASTIC!! i love cardinals.

  8. What a great sighting those cardinals were! Wow! I want to see more pictures of your pop-up, because I want one!


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