Monday, January 16, 2012

Long Terminus Succulentus.

Can you BELIEVE how amazing my succulent bed looks now?!!!
I mean, can you BELIEVE it?

Yea, me neither.
Truth be told, I found this picture on PIECE OF EDEN blog.  Apparently, it's the Corona del Mar "Sherman Gardens" take on the coral reef look.  (Oh, to live in Corona del Mar....sigh.)

My LAWD, that is just the most beautiful thing ever.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this utterly desperate spot in my yard.  No matter what I do it still looks like total crap.  Total, total crap. 
BUT, it gets some really good filtered light off and on all day, and it's protected from wind and cold by the house and fence, and, and, and, well, my mind is kind of churning with  how it might be an outstanding place for a big honkin' succulent bed. 

I do pretty well with them here at The Wabi-Sabi House ...

That's my front porch corner.  They get as much sun here as they will on that side spot, and these do quite well.  
I suppose they would grow faster if they had more sun, but they do grow, and they keep their shape, and oh, they are eeeeeasy.  
I like easy.  
Easy like Sunday morning.  (Love me some Lionel.)

So...I'm thinking I might try it.

I'm embarrassed to even show you the super crap side.
Actually, I'm not embarrassed at all; not sure why I said that.  
You don't care. We all have our crap sides.  (In more ways than one, right?)

Lovely, huh?  (Is that picture crooked?  Must just be all the crookedness within it that's throwing me off.)

There is potential, though.  I can feel it.  I've just been mulling on it all these years, knowing that something would come to me.
That's a Crepe Myrtle there in the middle and it puts on quite a show in the summer so that's good.  There's nothing to dig out, and that is very, very good.
I've got tons of these giant cement pieces hanging around that I just knew I would use someday.  They'll make a great border for a big raised bed. 

Oh, gosh, I dunno.  
They look so good just sitting there like that, maybe I should leave them?  HAHAHA. 

Blech.  I have shite like this all over my yard.  "Someday" piles, I like to call them. 

So, anyway, this project will take years and years, but I like that idea actually.
I'll make the big raised bed, move in some nice rocks, maybe some big colorful pots to take up space for a while, and then just start sticking 'em in there!  
I have a little ritual whereby I buy one little succulent every time I go to Lowes or to a nursery.  That $4 never hurts too much, and little by little, the pots get filled in.  Succulents are so easy to propagate too.  I just pinch a piece off one, stick it somewhere else, and it usually takes off.  Sometimes nada, but most times a little sumpin' gets started.  

Maybe I'll make a plan to hit up East Austin Succulents every month when I get my allowance.  (I'll leave the credit card at home and just take a bit o' the green.  Safer that way.)

If you wanna have some succulent love today, go over to Debra Lee Baldwin's blog.  She's kind of the queen of succulent pushers these days, and you can get a eyeful on her site.

Pam Penick has a bitchin' succulent wall that she built out of cinder blocks that I love.

Hell, you can just Google "succulent garden bed" and spend the next 14 hours daydreaming. 

I just can't get enough of 'em. 

All-righty then.  A garden post!  How about that?

If you're so inclined, please take a moment today to send some love up/out to Dr. King.   And maybe do a little service today, if you can?  That's the best way to memorialize him, if you ask me - do something selfless for someone else.  I think Dr. King would most like that.  
You might want to treat yourself to watching that famous "I Have A Dream" speech on Youtube as well. 
I  like THIS ONE.  
It never fails to send chills up my spine.
I wonder what this old world would be like today if he were still alive?  Sigh.  
Happy Trails, Dr. King, you were one in a million.


  1. I gasped when I saw that first picture - gorgeous. Yours will be just as awesome one day - I can feel it.

  2. I did my selfless service and worked on the newsletter and park pavilion. ;-) I do love succs too, very easy and I'm the laziest of yardeners. I know we're all jonesin' to get out and clean up the yards. Your crap side yard is dying for a secret sitting area and hanging solar light. Nice post always. xo

  3. I have started believing in succs too because of the dang drought and all the dang water I used last summer. I moved a whole bunch of mine out to the front porch and they just love it there - more than the shadier back porch. I think I'll add more and more and play and play. I just wish they smelled good.
    ms mdd

  4. We need for every day to be a "do good day."

    The blue bike in the picture of the side yard in question is leaning against a silhouette. What is it? A boy playing with a cat/squirrel/critter? Gorgeous.

    I am glad the succ picture is NOT your yard. Too perfect and commercial for my taste. I love what you have done/are doing to your gardens.

  5. You know, that spot might be perfect because I had some succulents planted in a pretty sunny spot and they couldn't take the days of 105+ degree heat this summer. I'd say filtered light would be perfect for succulents!

  6. I miss passing your dynamic abode on my evening walks. Happy New Year!

  7. Sherman Gardens was halfway between my workplace and apartment for 5 years and I used to stop their all the time to marvel. Beautiful succulent baskets, amazing holiday displays (MAGIC at Halloween), big gongs, chimes, and water bowls. LOVE them.

    Since succulents propagate so readily it seems like there should be a trading post or something! There are so many glorious varieties and so many people who have at least a few here in the city. Hmmmmm

  8. Oh my god. We had snow blowing sideways today. Not sticking, but blowing. Gardening. Just. I don't know. Have to go to bed now. :-)

  9. Rita - Ow. I'm sorry. Balmy here, with lots of mosquitoes. Does that assuage your pain any?

    Tera - I LOVE my/your compost bin!! Have I said thank you enough times??? How's that little baby growing?

    Hils - You did?!!? Oh wow...what a treat. YES, we should start a succ trade. We need a cool name for our club. The I Succ Club? har har

    Nell - I have done succs in the sun here and they do NOT do well at all. I'm feeling giddy that this spot might work really, really well. When do you leave for LONDON!?!?

    Merry - I painted that on the wall that hides the garbage. It's a little boy king giving an acorn to the squirrel king. If you go to the search bar on my blog and put in squirrel king, you'll find it. I LOVE it.

    Ms. Mudd - I wish they did too. Wonder if any of them do? MUST be at least one? We could just spray perfume on them. har har. eek.

    Kat - you do good works all the time, missy. Solar light...hmmm...know anyone who makes them? wink wink

    Danielle - I wish, right? dude. xoxox

  10. "Someday" piles are good to have! Well, that's what I keep telling myself;)

    When we lived in Encinitas, the botanical garden had this amazing succulent garden made to look like a coral reef...and Astrid was so inspired that her go to gift for a couple of years was a little pot of succulents with glass stones, animals, driftwood and other treasures tucked in. She even started propagating them on her own for a while to save money.

    If you do hit up East Side Succulents, hollah! I'm super close and need no excuse to hit that place up - have you been yet - Tillery Street Plant Co. shares their space (or, I think more accurately, hosts them).

  11. Kirsten - I just went because I had a groupon. LOVE. And I was loving that part of the hood!! Of course you live right over's awesome. Will def call next time. The kids can run whilst we have a cuppa joe and buy some succs.

  12. That spot is full of potential - and not at all in bad shape right now! I know you'll do something great there eventually; meantime, I adore your silhouetted metal fence. Thanks for the link love to my succulent wall. It's holding up great so far this winter. I've only lost a couple of echeverias.

  13. But... succulents... they won't survive our occasional freezes, would they? Are you finding some that do?

  14. Chris,

    I cover mine if it freezes. Some do make it just fine, but I cover them all anyway because they're all bunched together.

  15. I want your wine tree! Did you make it? How? Thanks for the inspiration. Your new color is also the color of the year.

  16. Pam - thank you. I love that gate too. I'd silhouette the whole damn house if jackdaddy would let me.

    Aunt Rosa - I did make that wine tree. A GREAT tutorial can be found over at Pam Penick's Digging blog. Here's the link to her tut:

    Mine are the slacker mom version of hers, but I LOVE them!

    I saw that my turquoise door color is the color of the year. They stopped by and asked me if it was OK. wink wink. Mine is Valspars Cool Rain. (I call it Mermaid in my head though.)


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