Monday, January 30, 2012

I Put a Bird on it.

Oh, I had the nicest weekend.  

The weather here was gorgeous and I putzed around in the yard alllll weekend.

My mailbox lost its handle somehow.  

I have a vague memory of it coming unscrewed and then me taking it off and putting it somewhere, but ... all this is kind of hazy in a "where did I put that damn thing?" kind of way.  

SO ... I put a bird on it.

Dear lordy, that thing still cracks me up soooooo much.

No, really though, I put a bird on it ...

Isn't that kayoooot?

I had some Anthropologie pulls that I'm waiting to use on my cabinet doors (whenever they finish painting themselves) and this one is just perfect for a mailbox.

Doesn't it look like he's staring right at you?  Tweeet!

Wait, does he actually look creepy?  Is he leering?

He's leering.  Dammit.

I also "put a bike on it" ...  (no hilarious video for that. Yet.)

I always love bike art.

I used to drive by a place in Georgetown that had tons of bicycles all lined up along a fence.  

Theirs were painted white.  I like mine red.

I found these in the dregs of a church garage sale for UNO dollar each.  

I had a plan to buy and then give them away, but I got no takers.

None.  Nada.  

So ... bike art it is!

I was out and about in the yard both days, and I got lots of compliments from neighbors walking by.  (Thanks, y'all.)

LOVE my hood. xoxoxox

OH, OH, OH, AND...

WHO put these in my yard?

Oh, gosh, that's just such an awful picture.

Someone hung two gorgeous pieces of art on my fence and I just discovered them on Friday!!!!  

SO exciting!!!

Twisted up wire with beads and jewels all over, and this one has a bottle in it.


I love them.  

I've been moving them around in the yard, but finally hung them in the tree outside my kitchen window so that I can see them all the time.

How was your weekend?  

Did you have spring weather like we did here in Austin?  

I actually got sunburned.  Crazy, crazy, y'all. 


  1. Love the repurposed stuff.
    But this is another gate question. I'm crazy about your blue gate. However did you cut out those tiny stars? Wish you would do a how to piece on that gate!

  2. Hi Sandy,

    I can get Jackdaddy to do a post on "how to." We have another little one in the back garden that is cute as all get out too. Unfortunately, that front gate is not working well. It's so big and so heavy and so WOOD that it's forever swelling and shrinking and rotting and, and, and. Sigh. I'll do a whole gate post soon! Thanks for the idee.

  3. May I say ONE MORE TIME:
    When I grow up I want to be YOU!!!!!

  4. What a neat thing to receive a totally anonymous and unexpected gift like that. Actually, you probably know them and they're having a bit of fun with you. ;-) IT's time to get back to my own project...that bowling-ball-turned-gazing-ball idea.

  5. Love the new mail box handle and the bikes. Yikes .. It's gorgeous weather here too and I stare at my back yard for hours dreaming about it and doing nothing. nada. yada yada .. need some inspiration and you give it to me.
    ms mdd

  6. LOVE the bird. Just love it. Bikes too - how fun. Now if I tried to tie bikes to my fence, I'm sure my stupid HOA would send me a notice - probably one that would light my mailbox on fire!
    I did the go-go this weekend - it was at garden ally's place. Quite a drive out, but well worth it. She's got a great place with lots of creative gardening going on.

  7. You KNOW I'm from Portlandia--and yes, there really are birds all over everything here. We laugh every time we see them now.

    But not laughing at your mailbox, no! And he's not leering. He's just thinking about something, probably those cool bottles hanging on the fence.

    Jealous of your weather. We had rain rain rain and more rain with wind so hard it shook the house. Oh, but we did have a rainbow yesterday morning--look at my FB page.

    OK, I know this is more appropriate for email, but something about this post just made me feel all happy and chatty. Happy Monday!

  8. I love your bike are! Too cute--I'm about to paint some hubcaps and hang them on a screen fence similar to the one that you have--when I get to it...

    Nice that you receive the gift--lovely, lovely neighbors, I suspect.

  9. If I didn't already love you I definitely would after seeing your amazing bike art. That's totally something we would do. We once enraged our neighbor by using bowling balls for fence finials. It was awesome. Oh yeah. And if the bird on your mailbox wasn't amazing enough already, your reference of Portlandia put it over the finish line.

  10. That skit from Portlandia will live in infamy, only to (hopefully) be eclipsed by the "We Can Pickle That" skit from this season.
    And the red bikes are killer.

  11. Kat, did YOU leave those art pieces here? DID you?

    Ms. Mudd - You are always an inspiration to me. xoxo

    Chris - Maybe you should put flames on your mailbox as a preemptive? ooo I was dying to Ally's place. Where is it? Looked gorgeous from pics. Must be out Dripping S way, me thinks.

    Rita - I'm so glad you feel happy now. I DID think of you when posting that, knowing that you are a Portlander. Envy, envy, even with the rain.

    Tina - LOVE the idea of painted hub caps. I need to spray more paint on my bikes now that I think of it. The tires were hard to get.

    Betty - SO want some bowling balls. I scour craigslist in the hopes of getting one giant batch of them. Portlandia rules!

    Lindsey - Have to check out the pickle one. You know what's funny? I think everything DOES look better once they put a bird on it! ahahah


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