Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Make a Fort.

FinnigantheCurious has been reading a wonderful book series called Warriors by Erin Hunter. 
The books are about some clans of cats that live in the forest and all of their comings and goings, and fights, and truces, and fires, and floods, and the ever dreaded humans!  
They really are super fun and we've all be enjoying them immensely.

Reading the books led to him role-playing in real life (of course).  But trying to play clans with one boring mama gets old so, it was time to call in the troops.  
We've got some kids coming over to play tomorrow and that means that we needed a CAT CAVE! does one make a cat cave?

Well, you start with your every day, run-o-the-mill, ubiquitous, boring playscape thingee.


Then you get a staple gun, some cable ties and loppers.  
Go around your messy, overgrown yard, and get busy cutting.
Staple, tie, wrap, and stuff all the branches to your playscape.

Then you have this!:




 BEFORE (Last one.)


Last bulk pick-up day I went around and gathered old rugs from my neighbors. 
We folded all those up and put them on the top and bottom for extra coziness.  
Added some old ratty outdoor pillows (that had been waiting patiently for recovering that never happened. sigh.).
Filled up the treasure chest with hermetically sealed snacks and ...
VOILA Cat Cave!

Jack and I tricked it all out as a surprise for him.  

When he came out to see it he said, "HOLY SHIT!"

I think that means he likes it.  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now it's time for the kids to do their part.  First on the list, so I'm told, is signs.

Every clan needs their own sign, of course: 

Thunder Clan
Wind Clan
River Clan
Shadow Clan 

(Aren't you excited already?)

We probably need a CAT CAVE sign.  
And what good is a fort or cat cave without a KEEP OUT sign?

I also bought some paper mache masks so the kids can paint their own cat.  Previewed here:

Meow, y'all.


  1. kool-kat-kave! Holy Me TOO !! it will be so cozy come really cold weather too. I love the greenery additions. I wish I could come over and purrrrrrrrrrr in purrrrrrrrson.
    ms mdd

  2. That is so frickin' cool! Our Ella loved those books a year or so back. Hope the convocation of cats is a hit. :-)

  3. That is too cute Shelly!!

  4. I have said this before but think it bears repeating: I wish I had had you as my mom.

  5. Fantastic! What a lucky boy Finn is to have such a creative and playful mama!

  6. I love this! We had a book about fort-building when Michael was little. We were forever dragging stuff all around the yard to prop it together and make *new & improved* forts! FUN!

  7. Isn't it SO fun, y'all? We had so much fun with it the last couple of days. RAIN today..boohoo. Rained out the Warriors play date. BUT, we needed rain so...

    Sue - I can't wait to add on to it over the days/weeks/years. I envision covering the whole thing until it's just an awesome cave fort thing. And then whatever comes after that.

  8. My girl CAN NOT WAIT! The cave is purrfect (sorry, couldn't resist).



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