Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Food

From my "farm" to my table ...

Mustard greens, chard leaves, and broccoli.

Some from my girls, but most from Katherine's girls (Katherine is a fabulous woman - friend and neighbor to boot!).  
Are they gorgeous, or what?

Lettuces and cilantro.  
I eat a huge bowl every day.  (Ever day, as we say in TX.)
Mmmm mmmm good!

Someday I shall talk about gardening again.  I was so in shock from last summer's drought that I thought I might never garden again, but, BUT ... come mid-January we central Texas gardeners know that spring planting starts NEXT month.  
Crazy sh*t, y'all, but it's true!
I've got a succulent idea brewing and it's making me feel that giddy gardener thing.  Maybe we'll "talk on that" next week.

So, whadda y'all think of the white?
The WHITE.  It's SO WHITE.  
I kinda like it.  Just kinda.
I do want you all to be able to read the damn blog, so I'm glad Pam spoke up!!
I shudder to think of you all crowding around the monitor trying to squint and read.  
Boo Hoo, poor girls!

Have a good weekend.  La, la, la!


  1. Our feed stores are starting to sell seed potatoes so I know what folks around here will be doing on Valentine's Day (besides eating chocolate hearts).

    Your bounty is magnificent and I, too, like the white background.


  2. hmmm about the white. I liked it just the way it was but that's just me/mdd.

    Your greens and eggs look like a pair made in heaven. What will happen? I'll tune it later.
    ms mdd

  3. Love the white.

    My aging eyes need all the help they can get :)

    And, I just like it.

  4. What lovely vegies and eggs! My potato growing experiment down here in south Florida is going GREAT!! Why is gardening so fun? It's weird. :)

  5. I guess I'm just too agreeable. I would squint and hover close to the screen but never thought to mention it. I like the white!

  6. Man, I sure would like having some yard chickens...too bad it's against our HOA. stupid HOA....

  7. Love your very, very interesting. Hugs.....


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