Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm still brewing a giant talk about meal planning and cutting down my outrageous food budget.

Um, yea, still brewing that out because it feels like work to talk about it and I don't want to work right now.  

I want to look at Etsy.  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Oh, crap I want this.  
An elephant doorstop.  I need a doorstop, actually.
That, apparently, is Miss Baba the Circus Elephant.
Find her at this delightful little shop:  NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN

I also want this ...

HOLY s*** (does one put punctuation after asterisk cursing?)  
A tiny fox.
I really do "need" a tiny fox.
You can buy it here: MIJBIL CREATURES

And this.
I'm dying ... just dying, dying, dying ...

Ahoy to that!
More locket love HERE

I'm so buying this ...

Don't buy it for me, OK?  I'm buying it.  
In blue.
FinnigantheCurious likes blue.
Get your own here: LELUNI

Must stop Etsying.
Must meal plan.


  1. I cannot see your pictures Wah!!!!!

  2. I did a double take on this one - my last name is Finnegan :)

    John @ LeLuni

    (I also can't see the photos)

  3. WHAT THE ...?
    Well, hope it's fixed now.

    Thanks you guys. Sheesh what happened?

    Finngeans/Finnigans AHOY!

  4. I can't see them either????????

  5. I can see them all! You HAVE to have the pirate ship clock. It looks like Cap'n Hook's! How perfect is that?

  6. Yay! Great choices. love the ship clock! Thank you for fixing them. I'm afraid I buy more than I sell on ETSY (looks at empty pocket book).

  7. That clock is awesome. I want it, too. I want to buy it for me.

    And Etsy is the absolute robber of productivity. Unless we can spin looking at cute things as productive.
    (which I totally can).


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