Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Amazing Door-o-Vision!

Oh mah gawd, y'all wanna do something crazy fun today?

Go over to CRESTVIEW DOORS and play around with the Door-o-Vision.  

What the hell, you ask? 

OK, so, Crestview Doors is this bad ass company that sells beautiful doors.  Well, actually, they sell door light kits that you (or an authorized trusty door dude) install in your existing door to make it cooler than cool.  They specialize in MCM and post-war looks, but really and truly ANY house or door would look genius with these kits.  They also sell these crazy cool screen things, and I think they even sell doors now. Again. Maybe.  
Oh, who cares, it's the THE best site and they have this crazy sh*tbomb thing called:


Door-o-Vision is just THE best thing ever invented times a million.  (You know I am such a house geek that I can sit around and play on this site for hours.  Hours.  Really.)

So, you go over there and you upload a picture of your house and then there's a little template thingee that lets you choose your door style, and the color, and the kind of glass you want, and the hardware, etc., etc..  You create your dream door and then it applies it to the photo of your house and then you can see just what the doors will look like.  


I wish I could do this with everything! (Like what if there was a Butt-o-Vision and you could put your face on Beyonce's body.  Or Gams-o-Vision and you could have Jennifer Aniston's legs on your body.  Then you could post it to Facebook as your own and hope that you never run into anyone in real life ever again. Oh mah lawd...YES!)

Dude.  I have created every single combination possible with the Door-o-Vision and then some, but I think this is my favorite. 

Oh double doors, how I love and want thee.
This is  "The Parkway" in "Pumpkin."  
Aren't they swanky as all get out? Double doors, y'all.

Now, you know me, I had a hard time toning it down.  Sometimes I picked the busiest door, and made each door a different color!  Holy crap, can you imagine?  I can!  (Jackdaddy would expire on the spot, I'm sure of it.) 

I also looooove "The Fontenot."

Seriously!!! Is that fabulous, or whut?
This one looks better because I finally got the size right so that the door trim would show.  I loooove my door trim.

Go on over there and play around, or just lose yourself in the gallery section.  

Oh honey, lemme tell ya, I get a BIG ol' case of the green monster in that gallery area. Super fabulous homes with super fabulous doors.  Sometimes you get a little peek inside the house too, and that thrills me to no end.

Sigh. Want.  Super, super want.

Y'all go down and click on that one lonely ad at the bottom of my blog.  If you all click it 567,990,888 times, I'll make about $7.00 and I can start a Crestview Doors fund.



  1. I found your house (looks guilty) I was on an errand up Woodrow and thought I'm gonna be a stalker and find THE WABI_SABI house.

    It's awesome. I would live there in a heartbeart. It's incredible.

    I will never let you find mine. It looks like a slum.

    You have a wonderful house - Ms. Wabi-Sabi

  2. If your existing doorframe is for a single door can you have double doors? They would have to be very narrow, wouldn't they?
    What a fun place to visit. You find the best places to share with us.

  3. You find the funnest places to look and dream! Every time you post I fight urges to knock out walls, doors and bathrooms and kitchens. I want to break though to the apartment next door and play. (May she live forever, but if she moved?)
    ms mdd

  4. Nancy - shut UP! You stalked by and you did not stop and say hi?? WHA?? You're not a stalker, you're my online friend that I would LOVE to meet. We're neighbors, goosy! I dread to think what the front of the house looked like on your drive-by. Some days are better than others. lol.

    Merry - oh yea, we'd have to tear down some wall and put in a double frame. Jack's eyes roll back in his head when I even mention it.

    Ms. Mudd - ooo, maybe she'll win the lottery, move, and give you her apartment. I'll come knock down walls with you. Have you ever seen the movie, Ghost? Knocking down walls LOVE.

  5. The Fontenot gets my vote ... it's you! The double door is OK, but reminds me of, I don't know, a church. Not that your home isn't a holy place, but the Fontenot just has that je ne sais quoi that says, "Michele lives here!"

  6. Yes, the Font door gets my vote too, and the vertical lines go nicely with the metal artwork hanging next to it. Also a nice vertical contract with the horizontal siding. Next project for you...mount some mismatched tiles along the front of your steps! Start collecting them now...

  7. Maybe DOUBLE Fontenots? hahaha.

    Kat, I SO SO SO want to tile the front of those steps. You have no idea. The problem is that they did such a shitty job that the cement is all falling off and breaking everywhere. It would be like putting tile onto newspaper. Insert Eff word here.

  8. In my defense I was picking up my laptop and was running late. I often do. Maybe someday I will drop by with a surprize (sorry but no double doors) Maybe a nice succulent for your budding yard. Want some aloe vera?

  9. Oh, I've seen this site before, but not the vision tool. When I get done with the longest dang post ever I'm writing, I'm going to go play with it. I'd LOVE one of their doors. We know we had a cool door once. Our neighborhood is full of them. With cool wavy-glass windows flanking it on either side. Now we've got a 90s door with girly etched-glass ick that did go with the glassy brassy lights we used to have. A new door is high on our wish list, but they are so expensive.

    By the way, I love the school chairs on your front porch! If I lived in your neighborhood I'd surely drop by! I've never been to Texas's a long way from Oregon.

  10. Well now I have to take a picture of my front door. I love the idea of door-o-vision.


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