Tuesday, January 3, 2012


OK, so I'm a tad late with the New Year stuff, but what they hey, right?
We took the bus downtown with some friends to celebrate Austin style: outside!
The City closes down the 1st street bridge so everyone can get a good look at the fireworks.  They set them off at 10 which is soooo great for families.  It's really tough keeping the little ones awake until midnight.  Course, my "little" one has no trouble at all staying up until midnight and then some.  He and Jackdaddy are some serious night owls.  Me? zzzzzzzzzzzz by 10. 

Anyway, see those cute little things we're shooting into the air?  Star Seeds, they're called and the line to get them was UNbelievable.  They are the coolest little things you've ever seen.  Just a little plastic bird-like thing with a light on it.  You put it on a rubber band and shoot it up in the air just like a slingshot.  The blue light and the bird "wings"  make it look like the most amazing little star creature or fairy or something.  We could see them from the bridge when we were heading down and all of us were entranced.  I just thought they were magical and delightful.  We asked the sales guy about them and he, somewhat mysteriously, said to "look it up on the internet."  I did and found this:

Say what you will...it's interesting.  I love that kind of stuff ... wooo weeee ooooo!

Look at this beautiful picture that Jackdaddy took of the Hilton post-firework...


I love, love, love the New Year!  Do you?
Oh my gosh, I LOVE to make resolutions.  I just look so forward to making my list and getting geared up for all my intentions.  I get a new journal every year (and abandon it by March, usually), make a new work out music mix, get all my vegetarian recipes lined up, buy my new family calendar ... weeeeee.

This is the year that I get my fitness level back.  I've was (I've was?)  I was plagued by plantar fasciitis all last year, but with the help of acupuncture and some much-dreaded revamping of my workout routine, (creature of habit here) I think it's on the wane.  
Good riddance!

My other major goal this year is to really get a handle on meal planning.  Our food budget is obscene.  I feel very, very grateful that we have the money that we do to spend on groceries, but it's gotten out of hand.  SO ... this year I meal plan.  I wanna talk a lot more about this in the next few days because I know we all love to EAT and maybe you have some helpful hints for me.

I'm off to go spend a little Christmas and birthday money.  Weeeee!  Jackdaddy bought me some new athletic shoes and some fancy inserts (to help with my plantar fascia), but now it's time for some useless girly stuff.  Candles? Maybe a facial?  Hmmmmm.

Look at my cute birthday "cake."  I looovvvveeeeee Ferrero Rochers. 

OMG I could eat the entire package. (And probably will.)

I was not too fond of 2011 and I have HIGH hopes that 2012 is going to be spectacular in every way!  I feel rejuvenated, and hopeful, and determined.

How 'bout you?  How are you feeling about this new year?


  1. Happy Happy for the New Year. I am resolving to keep my fluffy self in the moment. My future is N O W and I celebrate it. Best wishes for a wabisabi bloggie new year too.
    ms mdd

  2. If Jackdaddy and Thefinn are night owls put YOURSELF to bed at 10 and let them Finn (hee hee) for themselves.
    Get some girlie thing for you BD, honey bun.
    Make a menu for each week and do not deviate from it at the food market with "Oh, I really NEED this and and and.....".
    (Yes, Mother.)

  3. Happy New Year! I'm really looking forward to 2012: only two more chemo treatments, moving to London for six months, a possible trip to India next November with my yoga teacher, and the opportunity to become healthier, stronger, wiser, and more compassionate every day!

    Wishing you, Finn, and Jack the very happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous of new years, Michele!

    P.S. I love acupuncture! I've been going for over a year now and it's amazing all the subtle differences I've been able to notice on top of a really kick-ass immune system.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and you win the lottery and add a new room to decorate. >.>

    Seriously here's hoping that 2012 is wonderful for you and yours.

  5. Oh, I want to focus on food, too! Seriously--I just wrote about that last night, and I wasn't copying you :-)

    It does go better when I meal-plan, but still I have lots of room to grow in this area (on the inner package, not the container. I hope.)

    Looking forward to the new year. Always do--

  6. Happy New Year Year!!!! Wishing you a great one!

  7. Meal Planning...could be the best thing ever if I stuck to my plan. I do for a couple weeks, then it's 'i'm in the mood for x,y,z' then it's gone. Instead of daily planning like I used to...I plan weekly, so we can have any of the meals on any night.

    Shopping is key...I'm not good at it either. I dread using my weekend time at the store to get ready for the coming week, but it's a necessity. Wine...talk about a budget buster! ;-)

    Hope you can join the walking group on Saturday am. You gotta start somewhere, eh? xoxo

  8. My first resolution was to go back vegetarian, well really pescatarian, since I still consume seafood. Since I am not a big cook, being 45 now I decided it was time I mastered the art.......I am teaching myself the art of cooking the 'bean' I am tackling a bean a week, cooking it different ways every day.
    I am serving our meals in the dining room without tv (with much resistance). I love it, they will learn to damnit!!
    I am also forced to go back to work, which I must admit i will enjoy the daily structure again (once job is found). I will continue to make my repurposed jewelry once my "writers block" passes, which I feel it going away little by little.
    I really adore your blog, even if I've told you before I have to keep saying it because I do!


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