Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unfinished Business

I had a little shopette experience at Savers yesterday.  

I had FinnigantheCurious with me so there was no time for the luxury Savers experience.

I picked up two sheets of floral love.  
The pink one will be made into a dress and the other brownish/greenish one is going to be a kitchen curtain.

Those lovely green and white prints are place mats.  
"Vera" place mats.  
Whatever that means.  
Vera Wang, maybe?  
I dunno, but they are sooo pretty, and brand spankin' new and loverly.

The only problem with these new pretties is that I already have a stack of unfinished business to attend to.

That's a little problem I have.  

I get the stuff to do the project, but fall short on the doing part.

My stack of fabric that was supposed to be place mats.  
(Hence the buying of the already made place mats.)

Ooo, that stack looks so pretty that it gets me all fired up to get working on them again. 

Poor Finnigan is suffering from my projectus abandonmentus issue as well ...

Still need to finish  decoupaging the dresser drawers.

Actually, he's not suffering at all over this.  
He loves having everything dumped on the floor all kid-style.
He will probably rue the day that the doors are finished.
He's got no need to worry about it at this point.  Ahem.

Oh, and, yea, the laundry.
The laundry that reproduces overnight.

I really don't even mind folding laundry.  
I like it, really.  
I'm not sure why this happens.

It's a project, that's why.

Yes, that is a piece of Christmas wrapping paper still on the end of the couch.  Why do you ask?

What's on your project list?  Do you have a stack somewhere?

I'm off to fold laundry.  

Really, I am.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I Put a Bird on it.

Oh, I had the nicest weekend.  

The weather here was gorgeous and I putzed around in the yard alllll weekend.

My mailbox lost its handle somehow.  

I have a vague memory of it coming unscrewed and then me taking it off and putting it somewhere, but ... all this is kind of hazy in a "where did I put that damn thing?" kind of way.  

SO ... I put a bird on it.

Dear lordy, that thing still cracks me up soooooo much.

No, really though, I put a bird on it ...

Isn't that kayoooot?

I had some Anthropologie pulls that I'm waiting to use on my cabinet doors (whenever they finish painting themselves) and this one is just perfect for a mailbox.

Doesn't it look like he's staring right at you?  Tweeet!

Wait, does he actually look creepy?  Is he leering?

He's leering.  Dammit.

I also "put a bike on it" ...  (no hilarious video for that. Yet.)

I always love bike art.

I used to drive by a place in Georgetown that had tons of bicycles all lined up along a fence.  

Theirs were painted white.  I like mine red.

I found these in the dregs of a church garage sale for UNO dollar each.  

I had a plan to buy and then give them away, but I got no takers.

None.  Nada.  

So ... bike art it is!

I was out and about in the yard both days, and I got lots of compliments from neighbors walking by.  (Thanks, y'all.)

LOVE my hood. xoxoxox

OH, OH, OH, AND...

WHO put these in my yard?

Oh, gosh, that's just such an awful picture.

Someone hung two gorgeous pieces of art on my fence and I just discovered them on Friday!!!!  

SO exciting!!!

Twisted up wire with beads and jewels all over, and this one has a bottle in it.


I love them.  

I've been moving them around in the yard, but finally hung them in the tree outside my kitchen window so that I can see them all the time.

How was your weekend?  

Did you have spring weather like we did here in Austin?  

I actually got sunburned.  Crazy, crazy, y'all. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

This Moment.

Inspired by Soulemama.com

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love Always Wins.

I don't talk about too much about it for various reasons, but I'm assuming that most of you know that we homeschool here at The Wabi-Sabi House.  
We practice a type of homeschooling called unschooling.  Some call it Life Learning, or Child-led Learning, or Consensual Living.  
Whatever you call it, we do it, and we love it.  
I cannot even begin to express how much we love the way we live, and how fortunate I consider myself to be able to live this way. 

So, today I am taking a leap of faith and showing you a little bit of that side of my life. 

I wrote the following post almost 3 years ago and posted in on my private unschooling blog.  
I am submitting it for an unschooling  Blog Carnival that starts next week.  
The theme for the carnival in February is LOVE
I chose not to edit it in any way, although I was tempted to soften it.
I can hardly read it.
It brings me back to that painful, awful day in way that is almost unbearable.  
But it's worth reading because it is about love, and how brutal and ugly love can look sometimes. 
It's worth reading because it is about love, and how beautiful and cleansing love can be.  
It's worth reading because it's about how much grace there is in love.
It is worth reading because, at the end of the day, love wins, even if it doesn't seem like it in the moment. 
Love Always Wins.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Love, Regret, and Pizza

I was really shitty to my boy yesterday.
I mean really shitty. Not "grouchy" or "thoughtless," but out and out mean.
It's hard to talk about, but I know that we've all done it. 
I decided it might help me lay down the burden of it if I just put it out there.
I "lost it" because I had expectations and they were not met. 
I wanted to go the unschooling park day and visit with friends, and I wanted Finn to play with the other children or at least just play on the playscape so I could have a chance to NOT play with him. 
Well, firstly, it wasn't park day. My days have been really off for some reason (maybe this lingering flu/cough/malaise/plague?). 
That put me in a grouchy mood. I wanted to connect with some mamas, especially one I have been trying to connect with for awhile. 
Then Finny was really needing me to stay close. Close as in RIGHT THERE EVERY SECOND. I followed him around for a while and then I told him I was gonna sit right there and just watch while he climbed. 
About, oh, 5 seconds later he came over and said he was surrrre feeling hungry and thirsty (we had plans to go eat pizza after being at the park). 
At this point I was just overtaken by a demon mother. 
Where she came from, I have no idea. I hope to never meet her again. 
I grabbed my keys and stormed out of the park with him running behind me ... sobbing ... it got worse before it got better. 
I said some ugly things that I can't even bring myself to remember much less write. 
We were both crying as we drove to the pizza place. 
I'm still not sure why we even went to the pizza place, but we did.
We got inside and I ordered his pizza. 
I came and sat down at the table and we both started crying and crying. 
I took him in my arms and rocked him while sobbing my apologies. 
The sweet pizza guy boxed our food up without being asked and we drove home. We climbed on the couch and held each other for an hour. 
I cried and cried and told him how terribly, terribly sorry I was. 
I told him all that I thought had happened, and he listened and we talked. 
He said it was all OK. That he was mad and sad, but that he knew I didn't mean what I said and that he loved me anyway.
I asked him to try and tell me how he feels when we are somewhere and he can't play without me. 
HOW that feels inside him - to help me better understand. 
He said, and I quote (with tears streaming down my face):
"When you're far away from me my heart feels very tiny. When I know you're close by, it feels bigger. My heart feels better when it is bigger. It feels scary when it's tiny."
SO, today we had a redo. 
We went to the same park and I told him that I would stay right with him and play with him and stay just as close as he needed me. 
We had a really good time. 
I figure today is Day One of being the best mama I can be. 
I can't do anything about yesterday that I haven't already done, but I sure can try not to do that again. 
Expectations! They are just the cause of so much crap in my life. 
That's my new goal - I'm trying to stay in the moment and out of expectation. 
I am actually grateful for that terrible few moments. 
They were a reminder to me of who and what I do not want to be. 
They provided me with valuable contrast. The contrast between who I want to be and who I sometimes am. 
I HATED the way I felt when I was so mad. 
I choose to try and not feel that way anymore. 
Now, I have this experience of "when I go to the park with Finn I need to not have any expectations of how he will play." 
I have that information now and I will choose to use it. 
I am growing. 
Thank god my sweet son and I have a relationship that is based in love and respect so that days like this "never" happen. 
I know we're not permanently wounded by my crap. 
We're raw and tender, but really OK.  
I am astounded by how much I love him, and even more astounded by how much he loves me.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm still brewing a giant talk about meal planning and cutting down my outrageous food budget.

Um, yea, still brewing that out because it feels like work to talk about it and I don't want to work right now.  

I want to look at Etsy.  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Oh, crap I want this.  
An elephant doorstop.  I need a doorstop, actually.
That, apparently, is Miss Baba the Circus Elephant.
Find her at this delightful little shop:  NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN

I also want this ...

HOLY s*** (does one put punctuation after asterisk cursing?)  
A tiny fox.
I really do "need" a tiny fox.
You can buy it here: MIJBIL CREATURES

And this.
I'm dying ... just dying, dying, dying ...

Ahoy to that!
More locket love HERE

I'm so buying this ...

Don't buy it for me, OK?  I'm buying it.  
In blue.
FinnigantheCurious likes blue.
Get your own here: LELUNI

Must stop Etsying.
Must meal plan.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Make a Fort.

FinnigantheCurious has been reading a wonderful book series called Warriors by Erin Hunter. 
The books are about some clans of cats that live in the forest and all of their comings and goings, and fights, and truces, and fires, and floods, and the ever dreaded humans!  
They really are super fun and we've all be enjoying them immensely.

Reading the books led to him role-playing in real life (of course).  But trying to play clans with one boring mama gets old so, it was time to call in the troops.  
We've got some kids coming over to play tomorrow and that means that we needed a CAT CAVE!

Hmmmm....how does one make a cat cave?

Well, you start with your every day, run-o-the-mill, ubiquitous, boring playscape thingee.


Then you get a staple gun, some cable ties and loppers.  
Go around your messy, overgrown yard, and get busy cutting.
Staple, tie, wrap, and stuff all the branches to your playscape.

Then you have this!:




 BEFORE (Last one.)


Last bulk pick-up day I went around and gathered old rugs from my neighbors. 
We folded all those up and put them on the top and bottom for extra coziness.  
Added some old ratty outdoor pillows (that had been waiting patiently for recovering that never happened. sigh.).
Filled up the treasure chest with hermetically sealed snacks and ...
VOILA Cat Cave!

Jack and I tricked it all out as a surprise for him.  

When he came out to see it he said, "HOLY SHIT!"

I think that means he likes it.  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Now it's time for the kids to do their part.  First on the list, so I'm told, is signs.

Every clan needs their own sign, of course: 

Thunder Clan
Wind Clan
River Clan
Shadow Clan 

(Aren't you excited already?)

We probably need a CAT CAVE sign.  
And what good is a fort or cat cave without a KEEP OUT sign?

I also bought some paper mache masks so the kids can paint their own cat.  Previewed here:

Meow, y'all.

Friday, January 20, 2012

This Moment

Inspired by Soulemama.com

" A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."

Purchased at [Buy] Love Life.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Amazing Door-o-Vision!

Oh mah gawd, y'all wanna do something crazy fun today?

Go over to CRESTVIEW DOORS and play around with the Door-o-Vision.  

What the hell, you ask? 

OK, so, Crestview Doors is this bad ass company that sells beautiful doors.  Well, actually, they sell door light kits that you (or an authorized trusty door dude) install in your existing door to make it cooler than cool.  They specialize in MCM and post-war looks, but really and truly ANY house or door would look genius with these kits.  They also sell these crazy cool screen things, and I think they even sell doors now. Again. Maybe.  
Oh, who cares, it's the THE best site and they have this crazy sh*tbomb thing called:


Door-o-Vision is just THE best thing ever invented times a million.  (You know I am such a house geek that I can sit around and play on this site for hours.  Hours.  Really.)

So, you go over there and you upload a picture of your house and then there's a little template thingee that lets you choose your door style, and the color, and the kind of glass you want, and the hardware, etc., etc..  You create your dream door and then it applies it to the photo of your house and then you can see just what the doors will look like.  


I wish I could do this with everything! (Like what if there was a Butt-o-Vision and you could put your face on Beyonce's body.  Or Gams-o-Vision and you could have Jennifer Aniston's legs on your body.  Then you could post it to Facebook as your own and hope that you never run into anyone in real life ever again. Oh mah lawd...YES!)

Dude.  I have created every single combination possible with the Door-o-Vision and then some, but I think this is my favorite. 

Oh double doors, how I love and want thee.
This is  "The Parkway" in "Pumpkin."  
Aren't they swanky as all get out? Double doors, y'all.

Now, you know me, I had a hard time toning it down.  Sometimes I picked the busiest door, and made each door a different color!  Holy crap, can you imagine?  I can!  (Jackdaddy would expire on the spot, I'm sure of it.) 

I also looooove "The Fontenot."

Seriously!!! Is that fabulous, or whut?
This one looks better because I finally got the size right so that the door trim would show.  I loooove my door trim.

Go on over there and play around, or just lose yourself in the gallery section.  

Oh honey, lemme tell ya, I get a BIG ol' case of the green monster in that gallery area. Super fabulous homes with super fabulous doors.  Sometimes you get a little peek inside the house too, and that thrills me to no end.

Sigh. Want.  Super, super want.

Y'all go down and click on that one lonely ad at the bottom of my blog.  If you all click it 567,990,888 times, I'll make about $7.00 and I can start a Crestview Doors fund.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Long Terminus Succulentus.

Can you BELIEVE how amazing my succulent bed looks now?!!!
I mean, can you BELIEVE it?

Yea, me neither.
Truth be told, I found this picture on PIECE OF EDEN blog.  Apparently, it's the Corona del Mar "Sherman Gardens" take on the coral reef look.  (Oh, to live in Corona del Mar....sigh.)

My LAWD, that is just the most beautiful thing ever.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this utterly desperate spot in my yard.  No matter what I do it still looks like total crap.  Total, total crap. 
BUT, it gets some really good filtered light off and on all day, and it's protected from wind and cold by the house and fence, and, and, and, well, my mind is kind of churning with  how it might be an outstanding place for a big honkin' succulent bed. 

I do pretty well with them here at The Wabi-Sabi House ...

That's my front porch corner.  They get as much sun here as they will on that side spot, and these do quite well.  
I suppose they would grow faster if they had more sun, but they do grow, and they keep their shape, and oh, they are eeeeeasy.  
I like easy.  
Easy like Sunday morning.  (Love me some Lionel.)

So...I'm thinking I might try it.

I'm embarrassed to even show you the super crap side.
Actually, I'm not embarrassed at all; not sure why I said that.  
You don't care. We all have our crap sides.  (In more ways than one, right?)

Lovely, huh?  (Is that picture crooked?  Must just be all the crookedness within it that's throwing me off.)

There is potential, though.  I can feel it.  I've just been mulling on it all these years, knowing that something would come to me.
That's a Crepe Myrtle there in the middle and it puts on quite a show in the summer so that's good.  There's nothing to dig out, and that is very, very good.
I've got tons of these giant cement pieces hanging around that I just knew I would use someday.  They'll make a great border for a big raised bed. 

Oh, gosh, I dunno.  
They look so good just sitting there like that, maybe I should leave them?  HAHAHA. 

Blech.  I have shite like this all over my yard.  "Someday" piles, I like to call them. 

So, anyway, this project will take years and years, but I like that idea actually.
I'll make the big raised bed, move in some nice rocks, maybe some big colorful pots to take up space for a while, and then just start sticking 'em in there!  
I have a little ritual whereby I buy one little succulent every time I go to Lowes or to a nursery.  That $4 never hurts too much, and little by little, the pots get filled in.  Succulents are so easy to propagate too.  I just pinch a piece off one, stick it somewhere else, and it usually takes off.  Sometimes nada, but most times a little sumpin' gets started.  

Maybe I'll make a plan to hit up East Austin Succulents every month when I get my allowance.  (I'll leave the credit card at home and just take a bit o' the green.  Safer that way.)

If you wanna have some succulent love today, go over to Debra Lee Baldwin's blog.  She's kind of the queen of succulent pushers these days, and you can get a eyeful on her site.

Pam Penick has a bitchin' succulent wall that she built out of cinder blocks that I love.

Hell, you can just Google "succulent garden bed" and spend the next 14 hours daydreaming. 

I just can't get enough of 'em. 

All-righty then.  A garden post!  How about that?

If you're so inclined, please take a moment today to send some love up/out to Dr. King.   And maybe do a little service today, if you can?  That's the best way to memorialize him, if you ask me - do something selfless for someone else.  I think Dr. King would most like that.  
You might want to treat yourself to watching that famous "I Have A Dream" speech on Youtube as well. 
I  like THIS ONE.  
It never fails to send chills up my spine.
I wonder what this old world would be like today if he were still alive?  Sigh.  
Happy Trails, Dr. King, you were one in a million.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Food

From my "farm" to my table ...

Mustard greens, chard leaves, and broccoli.

Some from my girls, but most from Katherine's girls (Katherine is a fabulous woman - friend and neighbor to boot!).  
Are they gorgeous, or what?

Lettuces and cilantro.  
I eat a huge bowl every day.  (Ever day, as we say in TX.)
Mmmm mmmm good!

Someday I shall talk about gardening again.  I was so in shock from last summer's drought that I thought I might never garden again, but, BUT ... come mid-January we central Texas gardeners know that spring planting starts NEXT month.  
Crazy sh*t, y'all, but it's true!
I've got a succulent idea brewing and it's making me feel that giddy gardener thing.  Maybe we'll "talk on that" next week.

So, whadda y'all think of the white?
The WHITE.  It's SO WHITE.  
I kinda like it.  Just kinda.
I do want you all to be able to read the damn blog, so I'm glad Pam spoke up!!
I shudder to think of you all crowding around the monitor trying to squint and read.  
Boo Hoo, poor girls!

Have a good weekend.  La, la, la!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cornbread, y'all

Cornbread is a funny thing.
Some like it sweet.  Some like it savory.
'Tis a very personal thing though.
I like mine savory with corn in it and cheese.  Although, we're trying to eat less cheese these days (horrors!) so I'll just go with corn.
Jackdaddy likes jalapenos in his, but that's just wrong to me.
However, I will tell you that Jackdaddy has THE best cornbread recipe in the world.  Ever.  Bar none.  It's the total sh*tbomb cornbread of all time.
IF you like savory.  I guess you could figure out how to make it sweet, but you'd probably be better off just finding  a sweet recipe.
(The one thing I will tell you ahead of time is that you really, really, really do need a cast iron skillet to make this right.  If you don't have a cast iron skillet, get one.  Nothing like 'em, and you'll take your cornbread to a whole new level with one.)

Jackdaddy's Cast Iron Cornbread

Preheat oven to 425
1 cup good quality cornmeal
1/2 cup flour (don't get all fancy here... just some flour.)
1 TBL baking powder
1 tsp baking soda  
1 TBL brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup vegetable (or whatever) oil
1 egg
1 cup buttermilk (or more) (You can also add some juice from the corn can if you used canned corn, but not all of it for sure.)
Whatever mix-ins you want:  Fresh or canned corn, jalapenos, cheese, etc..

Mix all ingredients
You want the batter to be  pourable, but not runny.  It should kind of easily plop in.
Take two small (or one larger, but not big) cast iron skillets and put a dash of oil in each one and rub it around.  Put them on the stove burners and get them hot, but not smoking.
When they're good and hot, pour 1/2 batter into each one. (Or all in that big one if you're just using the one.) You should hear a sizzle.  If you don't get a sizzle, put it back on the burner.
Cook 20-25 minutes in the oven.
(You can also make ho cakes (pancake thingees) by just adding more buttermilk and cooking on a griddle.)

OH! And did you know that you can make buttermilk?  
You can make buttermilk!  Isn't that the damndest thing you ever learned?  

1 cup whole milk
2 TBS cream of tartar OR 1 TBS white vinegar OR 1 TBS lemon juice
Mix it together and let it sit until it gets all buttermilky!

Crazy, huh?

Now go make some cornbread, dammit.  Throw a fried egg on top and eat it with a cup of strong coffee.  Crumble it up in the bottom of your soup. Eat it hot out of the pan with butter on it.  Or honey!  Take it to a party and tell your friends that it's a recipe you've been perfecting for years.  Or, better yet, tell them it's your Grandmother's secret recipe and you'd love to, but can't possibly share it.  
Har, Har, Har.
Oh, and if for some reason it sucks, talk to Jackdaddy.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Pedernales Falls State Park

Woke up to RAIN (yea!), and cold, and mounds (literally) of laundry.
A perfect day for staying home and to unpack all the madness that constitutes "home from camping."
You'll have to be content with pictures today as I'm in a relative stupor this morning.

A Northern Cardinal party at the magnificent Pedernales bird blind.  (Actually, there are two bird blinds now!) 
We call it "Bird Church."  They have these pew-type things in the blinds and we sit there in total reverence. Just incredible.  

This was left at our campsite by previous tenants.
How delightful is that? And a great idea for "something to do" while camping.

I have never in my life seen the falls this dry.  I felt sad at first, but then realized that it was a whole new experience being able to walk all through there.  So cool to see where the really deep swimming holes are.  Normally you can't tell because it's all covered in water.
If you look closely you can see that some little boy did not care that it was January and took a swim anyway!  Some other little boy would have too had he not had jeans on.  (Damn pants!)

FinnigantheCurious, Geoffreythebeautiful, and Uncle Paul. 
This was only our second trip with the pop-up, and HOLY COW, man, we looooooove pop-up world!  Totally different trip than tent camping and I, for one, am not looking back.  It's the perfect blend for me.  We still spend all our time outside and we cook outside, but sleep ... oh, the wonderful sleep in that cozy cave is divine.

Off to "warsh," as we say in Texas.

Hope you had a good weekend too, also, too.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Food + Art

Gotta be semi-quick because we're going camping today.  Woo hoo!
One of our family's new year resolutions was to camp more.  More, more, more.  So, we are.  Just taking a quick weekend trip out to Pedernales Falls State Park with some friends.  (Camping is so fun when another family comes along!)
BUT, I wanted to tell you about a great recipe - healthy, easy, yummy.

Pumpkin, Barely, and Sage Soup

8 oz cooked andouille or smoked sausage links (We used LightLife Italian Soy Sausage.)
1 small onion chopped (I used 1/2)
1 Tbsp snipped fresh sage
1 Tbsp oil
1 cup quick-cook barely (I could not find this at HEB so I used arborio rice because I forgot that I did not have any barely and I also forgot that I was out of orzo so, rice it was.)
1 tsp instant chicken bouillon granules (I used vegetable broth AND some shakes of Smoke flavoring.)
1 15 oz can of pumpkin (I also had some chopped and cooked butternut squash that I threw in)
2 Tbsp maple syrup (I did not use this.)
1 Tbsp cider vinegar

1. Cook sausage, onion and sage in oil on medium for 3-5 minutes, stirring often. Add barely (or whatever grain you choose) 4 cups water (I used 3 cups broth + 1 water) and bouillon (I shook in some Smoke flavoring at this step).  Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; simmer, COVERED for 12 minutes, stirring every now and then.
2. Stir in pumpkin, syrup, and vinegar; heat through.  Add salt and pepper (I added quite a bit of both).
Makes 4 servings.
(From Better Homes and Gardens magazine.)

Now - Mine came out more like what you see in the photo and not like soup.  I did add some more water and veggie broth after this pic was taken to make it more soupy, but it was not like soup at all, really.  We dumped it on top of cornbread and YUM.
You really gotta have the cornbread in there for the full Monty, but I'm sure it would be good without.
I can't tell you enough HOW yummy adding smoke flavoring is if a dish calls for meat and you don't want to use it.  I use COLGIN Liquid Smoke.  It's vegan, gluten-free,  no byproducts or additives, blah, blah, blah.  Deeelicious!
I might try it again with rosemary as the herb next time.
Anyway, it was a keeper!

Now, ART!
The holiday toy craze slowed down so it was time to find new stuff to do.
This fantastic and clever project was alllll over for Pinterest for a while, and we finally got around to doing it... 

Take a canvas of any kind.  We had some old canvas and I just Gessoed over it.  You could use a piece of wood or, well, I dunno, just something.
Dig out one of those thousands of bags of crayons that you have buried in your art area.
Peel off the labels.  (The labels don't come off as easily as I thought so be sure to do this ahead of time; I almost lost Finn to this process as it was tedious and boring.  At the final hour I broke out some knives and let him cut them off which made it more interesting for him.) (Oh, DO let your kids play with knives.  Just show them how to use them safely.  They'll do the right thing.)
NOW, hot glue all those colors to the canvas.  You do need to put them all together like you see above because....

You're going to blow dry the hell out of them and they are going to meeellllllt all down the canvas!
Note1:  They melt very quickly so this process is super rewarding for busy minds and hands.
Note2:  BE SURE to put towels or plastic down under AND behind your art as the colored wax is going to spray everywhere until you figure out what you're doing.  Ideally, you want to hold the blow dryer at the top of the colors and point it down so that the colors drip down and not sideways.  Once you see what happens, you can adjust the dryer and start doing more crazy sideways stuff with it. You do want the art to be standing up like this because the dripping action requires it.

How freakin' gorgeous is THAT, Missy?

Fantastic, right?
Oh, you could do all the same colors, or blocks of the same colors, or do this and then glue white ones on top of these and then heat those up or, or, or ... the possibilities are endless.
We thought about sticking trinkets in the wax as it was pouring down, but nixed that idea as we were too completely fascinated by the dripping to do anything else.  The wax dries very quickly and is not particularly hot (weirdly enough) so you can let even the little ones touch and feel it as it's coming down.
I would rate this a 10+ on the boy crafting scale and that is saying a lot as my boy is sooo not into crafting.  Sigh.  (Damn "preacher's kid syndrome.")

Off to hit the road.  Well, off to hit the grocery store, and walk the dogs, and go to the gym, and pack the camper, but you know what I mean.

La, la, la ...  may the ART be with you!