Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today's obsession

Yep, just when you think your Christmas crap is looking really good and swanky, someone sends you a Pinterest link to this ...

Rebekah over at A Little Bit of Sunshine recently took "a little time" to make a village of these.  
"A little time" away from her THREE kids under the age of 5.  
I'm am definitely missing something. 
I have one almost-8 year old and there are days that I forget to brush my teeth.  This woman is making snow villages that the entire Internet is agog over.  
She also has a much better camera than I do.
Damn her.  I love her.
I think these are my favorite decorations ever.  I'm scrapping the plans I had yesterday to create a little woodland village of trees and critters.  Now I'm going to hit Savers up all year for candy jars and fill my house with these next year.  
One perfectly placed round of Nerf bullets and these things will be toast, but I care not!  I'm going to have them.  Snow village or bust!
LOOK at the preciouness of them.  Dear lord. 
I'm making one now, but it's the masses of them that really makes this so impressive.  
I've got 7 million Mason jars, but it's those cute candy jar tops on these that are killing me.  Killing me.  
So "I Dream of Jeanine."  (Wouldn't Jeannie look sooo cute in one of these jars with her slutty harem outfit topped off with fur muffs and mittens?)

Here are the ones I threw together ... 

Not as cute as hers, but you just wait until next year.   
And who knew Epsom salts look just like snow!!!  When I'm finished with these I'll just dump it all in the tub and reeeeelax. La, la, la.

And as long as I am singing the praises of others, check these out ...

HHAHAHAH aren't they darling? 

People are so clever and good.


  1. La La YOU! I love these jars! The little gifts? So Cute. My Russian born, Jewish mamma loved Christmas so much that she had a bakery make her loaves of some red and some green bread. She made tea sandwiches for her bridge games - probably olive salad or cream cheese with pecans. She also food colored canned pears red and green and filled these with the cream cheese/pecan. Thanks for helping me remember these.

  2. I absolutely cannot wait to see what delights you will have by the time I get there Sunday. I will prolly be so ovecome I will have to lie down with a vinegar rag on my forehead.
    Decorate on!!!!

  3. I love, love, love these!! Did I mention I love these?? Ha:) I loved them so much, I did a little shopping and made myself a little snow village right after reading your post. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. Oh hell, Mama. I've got so many damn jars that would work for this. I've got two right off the top of my drunkassed head that would work that I got for my kombucha that I got sick of dealing with and ditched. heh. Miss you like crazy.

  5. These look great!

    I'm going to have to check out Savers. Looks like some good treasures there.

  6. I'm not one for fussy, but when the fuss is contained in a pretty jar like this, it's too cute! Like a little still life terrarium. Yours look awesome Mama, exactly like hers but I'm betting you spent way less. xo

  7. So cute! They look like they would be so much fun to make.

  8. What you made was pretty precious and awesome! This year I came across so many mini village pieces on our travels and for dirt cheap. I loved them but when traveling, not much use. But I have posted what I found and will post more on my flickr page.


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