Friday, December 30, 2011


I was going to write a long, somewhat interesting post about Christmas and the new year and all that, but then I got OBSESSED with putting cork floors in my kitchen.
Like, now.  
Like, today.
Except that Jackdaddy is in M-I-crooked letter crooked letter - I - crooked letter crooked letter - I-P-P-I, and I can't do it alone.
(Here's hoping Jackdaddy is not reading this while in Mississippi or he won't come home, I fear.)

It's all Rita's fault.  And her husband's, Cane.

Read about my new obsession HERE.

I've had cork floors before.
I am now going to have them again.  In my kitchen where there is the somewhat cool, but really hard and holey, pine sub-floor.

So, what does that REALLY RED picture of my Christmas table have to do with this? 
I just needed to put a picture in and it seemed sort of Christmas wrap-upish.
(Why is everything SO RED?  It's like having food stuck in your teeth and no one telling you.  
Note to self:  Next year, more green.)

I am also here to say that I am going to finish painting my %&$*# kitchen cabinets in the next week or else.
There is no way in hell to live in a 60-year-old house with 2 huge dogs, one small boy and all his friends, two adults, and a cat, and have open cabinets.  The dirt and dust is astounding.  And it settles quite happily in all my cabinets which means on everything in my cabinets.  Blegh. Gross.

So there ya go.


  1. Well, red does look VERY nice with cork! :-) (Then again, I think everything looks very nice with cork.)

    And good luck with those cabinets. We can't paint ours even if we wanted to, because they've got some kind of laminate surface. Just glad they are white. Totally get the kids/animals/dirt thing you got going on though.

    Those perky kids over at Young House Love are currently painting their kitchen cabinets. I'm too old and curmudgeonly to ever be perky (OK, I wasn't perky even when I was younger) and so can find perkiness just a teensy bit annoying, but they've got lots of great info on how to do it.

    Tell Jackdaddy it will be safe to come home. The cork is affordable (mostly) and easy :-)

  2. I love RED table-stuff. It looks so dammm festive !! You go cork, girl. And just close your eyes and paint those cabinets. Dream while you are at it.
    ms mdd

  3. We are two old people, an old dog, a brand new home and we have dust and dirt everywhere every day. I just un-dusted a bunch of furniture this afternoon. My advise? Buy stock in the Plege company and get rich.
    Cork floors and green/doored cabinets will look even more divine than ever.

  4. Rita - ALL because of you I have spent every free moment today flipping between your blog (reading Cane's cork page and obsessively looking at your floors) and Young House Love (am now totally horrified at both how I was going to paint my kitchen cabinets and how much I now have to do to do them properly). ARG! BUT, I feel that excitement that only comes from a REDO!!!!

    Ms Mudd - We are RED girls, aren't we?

    MMQC - You're lying. Your home is spotless. Remember, I know you in real life. HA. Yes, that olive green against the cork is going to be divine.


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