Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Peek

Good grief, it's cold here this morning.  Frozen bird baths and stock tanks.  None of us knows what to do with all this icy coldness!  I'm all for just climbing back into bed with some hot chocolate.  Unfortunately, there's a whole houseful of critters who disagree with me.  
And so it goes.

OK, quickie peek into some gifts...

Is that Cat's Pajamas the cutest thing evah?  

It comes as a download and then I printed it onto transfer paper and ironed it on a pillow case for FinnigantheCurious.  He'll get it Christmas Eve with his annual Christmas pajamas (that he never wears ever again other than Christmas morning).  Boys.

A little something for mama too ...

Also from Etsy, some Alexander Henry fabric to make holiday napkins out of.  I wish I had yards and yards of this.  I swear I'd have a full-length skirt made out of it!  I want  curtains! Placemats! 


Grandmary is the best gift-buyer ever, ever, and here's what she got Finnigan for Christmas ...

Is that not just soooooo cool?  He's going to LOVE it.  
I went to Half Price Books and rounded up some albums (how fun was that?!).  He loves AC/DC (yea, thanks Jackdaddy), Boston (eek!), The White Stripes, The Arcade Fire and a bunch of other stuff.  I threw in some things I think he should love like Elton John, "Honky Chateau," REM, "Murmur," and, oh, crap, I dunno...I got a bunch of stuff. 

Uncle Roo gets to give the "good" present though.  The one that will et the most use probably ...

Crazy-ass Steam Punk gun from Ebay.  

This is the seller:

And .... Mama's current favorite ...

A beautiful Viking ship mobile from The Wooden Wagon.

Dreamy, huh?

I've got plenty of craftiness going on too, of course, but this is most of the bought stuff plus a few odds and ends here and there.  I got a freaky, fantastic cat cookie jar at Savers.   He'd currently smothered in the back of my car with some other hidden gifts.  I'll rescue him today and show you tomorrow.

What's going under your tree?


  1. Cold here, too. After not seeing many (none) birds all Summer, un-eaten birdfood in all the feeders and total quiet except for chickken hawks, our birds are back and demanding food!!!!!Tractor Supply has our best selection of critter food so I am off to see them.
    Your Christmas stuff is wonderful!!!
    What is under our tree? An old white sheet that is supposed to look like snow and one of CC's electric trains that goes round and round and........

  2. Cool Stuff! I love ETSY and you basically buy at all my favorite shops when I can get out. (Difficult these days with the old bum leg). If you have a chance check out Minervax on ETSY. I know the owner >.>

    Love the kitty pjs.

    Who knows maybe the Christmas Elf will leave you mysterious presents on the porch someday!

    Bulk pick up day is coming Dec soon!

  3. I just had to Etsy me some really colorful pillow cases, each different but in the same family of colors. This for my new red patch work bed spread I got from Free Trade. Guatamalan ladies make them. It's all your fault, Missie !! I catching the holiday train!
    ms mdd
    p.s. The record player takes me back to my little boys days. All your stuff does, s'matter of fact. I love it too that you love that period of time - caught in a bottle.

  4. MerryMerry, oooo a train that goes round and round is THE best!

    Nancy...wait, I did not know your leg was ailing...
    I looked for Minervax, but did not find...any other clues?

    Ms. Mudd...oh you KNOW we're both in that bottle, aren't we? I just love the old-fashioned magical stuff. Wanna see those cases! xoxo

  5. Minervax is the shop name.

    I'm jealous of that record player.

    My bionic leg seems to be affected by the weather no biggie lol I'm being whiney you picked up those treasures before I could especially the trees ^^

  6. Love all the fun stuff!! Good shopping, Mama!


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