Monday, December 5, 2011

Home, y'all.

Greetings!  We're home!  A little travel weary, but none the worse for the wear... or however you say that.  
I have some proof of our trip for you lest you think I was here on the couch this whole time eating bon-bons and watching All My Children ...

Here we are doing our Holt picture taking thing.  Every time we go somewhere good, we all hop out of the car and take a self-portrait.  
FinnigantheCurious is still young enough to think this is fun.  
Won't be long until he'll use this time to sneak a smoke or call his girlfriend to tell her how miserable he is having to vacation with us.  
But for now...we're golden.

We stopped earlier in Marathon to stretch our legs ...

and hair.  
Isn't that hilarious?
Too bad it was closed...I really want to know what a Big Hair shop is.  
I do, however, know what big hair is.  You should see me in the tent in the mornings.  
Big. Hair.

Silly hotel room picture. 
FinnigantheCurious was on the bed mesmerized by the television.  We don't have "real" TV so as soon as he (and I, admittedly) hit a hotel room it's a battle for control of the remote.  
He won.  
All I like to do is watch the Oprah channel.  All he likes to do is watch the cartoon channels.  
Jackdaddy hates TV.  (I pretend I do too when he's around, but as soon as he goes to putz around outside somewhere I hop on the bed with Finnigan and we veg out.  Hoohaw!)

Here's what we did on Thanksgiving day...

Sat around barefoot on a porch in Terlingua...drinking wine and listening to lots of guitar playing.  
My favorite was this kid (a 20-something) who played guitar so sweetly and whistled right along.  Whistled!  The whole song!
I'm telling ya, I just felt like I was the coolest girl in the world sitting in the desert on Thanksgiving day listening to a whistling minstrel.  Lovely. 
That's my homie there in the white shirt - Danielle.  We went up there to visit her and her man, Don (the park geologist...fancy fancy), and her two adorable, precious, delicious, scrumptious little girls - Addison and Emory.  
We just had the best damn time.  The best damn time.

Did a lot of hiking...

A lot of self-portraiting.  Obviously.
Slept in the tent when it was NINETEEN degrees.  I don't care how much crap you put on or how good it is, NINETEEN degrees is *$&#* COLD. 
I hate to be cold.  
So we bought a pop-up from Danielle.   

Seems a little extreme, but did I mention that it was NINETEEN
No, really, we were thinking about buying before we ever went up there, but that one night in the tent sealed the deal.  
It's old, but it was cheap, and it works just fine ... like me!

One last shot of my beautiful boys for you, and then I'm off to unpack 4,587 pieces of Christmas crap.   
I even bought some new crap at Savers yesterday ... all of which I will be most happy to show you tomorrow!
La, la, la.

Aren't they sweet and good, those boys of mine?

All-righty ... better get your blinders on.  From this point until the new year, it's allll about the holidays, baby:  food, tchotchkes, cute kid stuff, presents, crafting, etc., etc., ad nauseum.



  1. I'm super jealous of your camping Thanksgiving - looks dreamy! Can't wait to see what kind of goodies you picked up at Savers!

  2. Glad you had a good time and glad you are back home. Austin at Christmas! What a jolly good town.
    I'm having IHOP pancakes with granmary today. She's stopping by my cottage first for a look/see.
    ms mdd

  3. You were gone an age, clearly having a lot of fun. But where is the picture of you guys in the hot springs and at the window? Moving on up to a pop up is a good thing.

  4. Dang lady, we sure missed you around here. Welcome home! And I can't wait to see the spruce up projects for the camper...I KNOW there will be some painting, fabric-ing and hot-glueing going on. ;-)

  5. Nineteen degrees???? Ouch!!!
    I am so happy you bought the pop-up camper. You will have lots of fun sleeping in it rather than a tent.
    Welcome Home!!!

  6. We SO enjoyed your visit! Wish we didn't have to leave before you did. xoxo (Can.not.wait. to see what you got at Savers!!)


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