Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Cat's Meow.

Wanna see something sweet?

Look at Jackdaddy there with FinnigantheCurious in their matching cat masks.
That's what a good Daddy does ... puts on the mask without question and goes on about his business.  Jackdaddy is also an expert cat cave builder ...

Look at that tuckered out little feline on the Brady Bunch couch.  He's got his flashlight at the helm.  
What you can't see is my Kindle (which he has confiscated for his own) and a giant Nerf gun for ... well, who knows?  The gun thing is totally the realm of boys as far as I can tell.  I know plenty of girls who brandish swords, but I haven't met one yet who is really into the gun thing.

I've been dragging him out of the cat cave to play with the new toy that Grandmary brought ...

The coolest little record player on the planet!
He just giggled his heart out after that first song.  
It's such a novelty for him; he can't believe that this is all there used to be.  He's is not enamored of the fact that you cannot jump repeatedly and throw yourself on the floor randomly while near the record player due to the skip threat.  That's a big negative in his book. (Although, I must say, it has not skipped yet!)

And would ya look at this score ...

Jack's sister, Aunt Mimi, had this stack of records (and case!) back from when she was a kid.
Can you believe the coolness of that?  Bobby Sherman, Beatles on the old Apple label, Sinantra, Grand Funk,  The Guess Who, etc., etc..
Oh, and there are also some crazy old storytelling records that you can barely understand.  A very southern woman reciting Jack and the Beanstalk,  Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs - that kind of stuff.  Finnigan was horrified! HAHAHAH.  He was running around with his hands over his ears acting like he was dyyyyying.
Grandmary and I took him to Half-Price Books later and got some "proper" music ... AC/DC. (HA)  Oh, and a Tom Lehrer album for us.   Do you know of Tom Lehrer?  Oh man, I have such distinct childhood memories of laying around on the floor listening to him and Bill Cosby and Flip Wilson.  I love audio comedy.  
I'll probably have to duct tape Finn to the floor to get him to listen to such old-fashioned goodness, but who knows?   He's got a fine sense of silly, that's for sure.  Maybe he'll "get it."

I got my birthday present early too!  Wanna see?

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this little MCM piece of awesomeness.  It's a cupcake/dessert stand officially, but I've been looking for one forever to use  as a NATURE table.
I just don't have much room in my house for big trays or table top displays, so this is just puuuurfect.
Oh my gosh, I love it soooooooooooooo much.  
Thank you Grandmary!!!

I'll leave you with a little family portrait (sans the picture taker).


More Christmas crap tomorrow ... Yee hawwww!


  1. A nature tray...what an awesome idea! From the links and photos, the magnifying glass just begs to be picked up and peered through. I often pick up things I find in the yard or on a walk, and now I know what to do with them. ;~? That's my crazy face for you, heehee.

  2. Now that's a portrait of some UGLY people!! Whoohoney .. I'm scared of ya'll. (noooooo not really)
    I love you because you are a mess o' fine people.
    ms mdd

  3. I am certain this family will be chosen by a national magazine as "The Happiest/Most Beautiful Family of 2011."

  4. *LOVE* LOVE* LOVE * the record player and record passalongs. Huge audiophiles here!

  5. I have been stalking all my local thrift stores for a uber cool record player. That one is seriously cool!! Totally jealous! enjoy! PS the nature table rocks too!!

  6. I've got a girl who loves Nerf guns! Actually, two girls, but you can only see one of them here:

    Found you a while back through AT (ya got robbed!). Really love your house and blog.


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