Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What we're eating for breakfast.

What we're drinking for breakfast. 
(We, being the adults.  Carrot juice = blech for FinnigantheCurious.)

What we're all excited about.

What I'm going to do this morning.
(Turn this little thrift store find into an art center for the small boy!)

Whachoo doing today?  
Besides going to vote for my house at:
I'm up to 202 votes this morning!!!  Third place now!  Oooo SO excited!!!!


  1. That's a great desk. You find such cool stuff. Don't forget Bulk day for the city is coming up soon. We got the notice. I love watching people drive by and pick up stuff. Of course we've been known to do it too >.>

  2. Love love the desk! It's perfect and whooohoooooo for being a big vote getter!!
    ms mdd

  3. I thought id stop by and post a comment since im checking out some new blogs. So greetings from the Amish settlement of Lebanon ,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  4. Wonderful life! You make me miss my old hood. I now travel around the country. Love being able to check-in. BTW I left a ton of gallon milk jugs in the shed they are ready for whoever is heading things this year. Let me know!

  5. Nancy, you KNOW I am ready and waiting for the 21st! I've got crap to put out and hope to pick some up too.

    Richard, How WONDERFUL to have friend for PA, and Amish to boot. Welcome and please come again!

    TERA!! HI!! Where are you now? YES, we want the jugs too. Where are they? You know the frenzy is about to begin again.

  6. What is the frenzy about milk jugs?
    A great find on the desk for Thefinn.
    I wish our community had a bulk day but if it means my husband would bring home more stuff.........

  7. Milk Jugs become the holiday luminarias along Arroyo Seco about Christmas. SO pretty when they're lit at night. Miss Holt--I can't believe you're up to third place! I looked at other entries and you really do have one of the best submissions. My latest project is a french drain turned landscaped berm. It needs more shady goodies though. I like the new blog layout but the text is small! ;-) xoxo

  8. Kat, I KNOW that damn font is too small. I can't figure out what's wrong! grrrr. Im trying to hack in a custom font and I've been working on it here and there so I think I screwed something up. Hopefully fixed soon. ugh.

  9. Found your blog through Apartment Therapy. Love the feel of your house and love discovering your blog! You betcha I voted for you!

  10. HI Rita!!! HOW exciting that you came via AT! Thank you so much for voting for me. I hope you stick around. My blog is happy to have you. ;)

  11. 5801 Woodrow Ave, 302-1578 just say you are willing to take the milk jugs in the shed away. At the moment near Uniontown, PA, left Baltimore, MD two weeks ago or so.


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