Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So...I've been kinda dying to enter my house in the Room for Color contest over at Apartment Therapy.  
Do you do Apartment Therapy?  (Is there anyone left who does not do Apartment Therapy?)  
Oh, it really is therapy for those of us obsessed with home interiors.  
I'm warning you is addictive.   Very, very addictive, in fact.  You must make sure to feed the animals and the children before you click over because once you're there - it's  down the rabbit hole!

So, anyway, they have this annual contest thing and it's right up me alley because you know how I love color.  
I acted really pitiful and my friend Jennifer M. Ramos
took pity on me.  She  came over and took the most fabulous pictures of my living room!  
The contest only allows you to enter one room and you only get to send in 5 pictures.  Normally I'd be hard pressed to get 5 good pictures of anything, but she, she took such beautiful pictures that I could hardly choose at all!
The contest asked for 2 wide (like my arse) shots and then 3 of my choosing.  Here are the 2 wides that I chose:

Aren't they just beautiful?  My god, did I clean that room or whut?! I do keep a nice home, but normally there is a healthy amount of crap strewed all over.  Not this day, chicas, it was clean, clean, super clean!  I spent about 2 days after the shoot being hysterical about keeping it that way.  Needless to say, it was an effort in futility and we are back to our normal crap strewing selves.  What a relief for all involved, especially one 7-year-old boy.

Here's the first vignette I chose....
(It's also over in the new sidebar, but pretend like you haven't seen it yet, OK?)

MAN, I wish all my pictures looked like this!  I think this is my favorite of all, really.  Just something about that globe popping against the metal.  Love, love, love it.
And the next...

Gertrude the piano looking super swanky. 
Oh, and check this close-up out:

Swoon.  Just swoon, swoon, swoon. 
OK, let's see, one more:

Yea, that's just so perfect.  I call this one, "A Room Divided." I guess, technically, it's 2 rooms, but what the hell, right?  I try not to miss any opportunity to show off that gorgeous stove that Jackdaddy rehabbed. 

And there ya have it - my house the way it would look if no one lived here.   
I filled out the entry form and sent it in.  They said they got it and would let me know if they accept it.  I've not heard anything else from them yet.  I'm feeling slightly panicked by this, but I can't imagine that they'd turn me down.  Right?  You won't find me in Arch Digest, but it ain't too shabby when it's all gussied up, dammit.  You can go on over there and have a looksie.  Save your favorites votes for me though, OK?

I'll keep you posted, of course.  Posted and toasted! 

My deepest gratitude to Jennifer for styling me up so well.  I feel so lucky!  Now, if that luck will ooze on over into the contest, right? Oooze Oooze!


  1. Great photos. Good job! You're gonna hate me for this because of all the work you did cleaning and spiffin' up, but my absolute fave is the closeup with the piano keys. There's something about that photo that resonates with the heart strings.
    Good luck in the contest!

  2. Sandy,

    ME TOO! I can't stop looking at it. The powers that be at AT said not to send in close-ups though. I think they just need to see more of the room. All the close-ups were the best. Thanks! M

  3. Wow! You have a beautiful house. Really wonderful and chic chic chic. I love the retro modern now of it.

    I live in pile city (my SO boxes everything to keep it clean so we always look like we're moving lol.

    Nice pictures!

  4. You're back!! Yay! I've missed you. All your color makes me feel so drab about my place. ;( So...what the heck to you store in the truck box?? Inquiring minds...

  5. Thank you Nancy! That's a perfect description of my home...LOVE. Perhaps I could hire to be my publicist? And, by the way, I've certainly lived in box city myself before.

    KatKat - Hi back! I keep winter blankets in there. My teeny house has NO room for down comforters. That thing holds SO much crap.

  6. I'm lovin' it too. Hopahopeahop you make it into the magazine.
    ms mdd

  7. ooooooooooooooo!!!!
    Another look at the fabalass Holt habitat. How utterly yummy you have made your nest. Girlygirl, you oughta be in the business for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as talented as you are.

  8. If the theme is "Room For Color", they just HAVE to accept you!

  9. Hi Ms Mudd!! Missed you. I'm back on Facebook too, also, too.

    MerryMerry - why THANK you. I need to make money to fund my house decorating habit, that's for sure.

    Becky - RIGHT? RIGHT!? They still haven't accepted me yet. Getting nervous. I need to get IN there so I can get some votes, dammit.

  10. STILL no word from the Apartment Therapy gods. Damn.

  11. looks gorgeous, Michele! Good luck in the contest!

    Hey do you have an ad on your blog now? First it said something about London vacation rentals so I immediately clicked on it (we may be living there for 3-12 months starting in March.), then it changed to a milk bone ad. Do they pay you for that? Just curious.

  12. Here's a link to our friend Jennifer's Apartment Therapy house tour. It's my favorite Austin house!

  13. Lynell,

    Yep, I signed up for google ads. They pay a teeny amount every time someone clicks on the ad. "They" read your blog and it generates common ads to your content. If something awful shows up like, oh, Raid or something, you can go in a block it. That's so funny, all I see is a The Shade Store ad and a Lamps Plus ad.

    Yes, I've loved Jennifer's AT tour forever!!

    I don't think they're going to take my entry. I sent it in last weekend and the deadline is Tuesday. I won't have time to get many votes at this point even if they do take it. Have NO idea why because I think mine could take the south division...maybe. oh well. xoxox

  14. Let everyone know if you get in.... Love AT and your space is FANTASTIC. Heck, you are fantastic and it shows in your space.


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