Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh, yes I did.
I bought another piece of furniture.  What is wrong with me?!
It's a sickness, I tell you.  A disease.  An obsession.  A malfunction of the sensibilities.
But just LOOK at her!!!  Who in their right mind could pass up such thrifty loveliness?  (Don't answer that, Missy.)
There I was, minding my own beeswax (for a change), heading home from Miss Elijah's 5th birthday paraty when... BAM....there she was.  I had to pull a U-ee (Uy? Uie?) and head back for a better look.  I was half-hoping that she would be crappy so I wouldn't feel compelled to buy her, but, alas, she was marvelous.  
A little tattered around the edges, but aren't we all?
Omg I seriously have nowhere to put her!  Well, actually I have the perfect place to put her, the problem is where to put the thing that was there.  Time for the Thrift Store Shuffle again.
Good thing Jackdaddy is out of town cuz he'd be ..... um ..... concerned. 
I'm completely, totally in love with her though so he'll just have to be.  Tough love, baby.
I swear I think we used to have a couch with a similar print when I was a little girl.  I'll have to ask Mama, but it sure feels familiar.

All-righty, I'm off to sit and gloat.

I also bought an extremely unattractive and cheap floor lamp off Craigslist yesterday so I can show you a little DIY project tomorrow!  I know you'll be on pins and needles until then.

OH, and happy cold day to ye.  Here in Texas we got a tiny spell of cold come in last night.  Yea, November 3 and we've dropped down to the shocking 50s.
Good thing I have a cozy chair to bundle up in.


  1. I love it !! I think it is fantastic. Great find:)

  2. I love it too. CJ loves these colors and has forever.
    ms mdd

  3. I week without a good find is no fun at all.

  4. love it! i bet it goes great with that fab couch. can't wait to plop down in it!

  5. You are so right, deariedear. That print is so similar to one we had when you were growing up.
    I love those muted colors, too. Where was she? In a yard sale?
    It is good to have loving husbands that we can (semi) boss around within reason.
    Glorious weather here, too!!!

  6. I wouldn't have been able to leave it, either. Sometimes you just KNOW.

  7. Ahhh hahahaha, aren't you cute and funny surprising me like that when I'm halfway around the world in the original land of wabi-sabi? I do love it (of course, since you have such wonderful taste). I am only "concerned" (nice one) because it seems our house is shrinking?! ;-) Maybe it will feel bigger after this trip.

    Time to venture forth, find some food and try to stay awake for a couple more hours. Sure missing my fambly!

  8. Nice find! Love the colors! I'm a small table junky. Found an adorable mid-50s one recently with the tapered, brass tipped legs. ($5.99, I kid you not!) It was in great shape except for the top. I was thinking about painting it and my architect buddy, Kathy, suggested topping it with cork, so now it's a big coaster! There's always room for another coaster in the house, right?

  9. Lindsey, uh huh, I DID just know!

    Jackdaddy - Hi honey! Everything will seem bigger after being in Japan! Our house will seen enourmous! LOVE YOU.

    Nell - omg I LOVE small tables too. You have LOTS more room that I do though. LOVE the cork idee. I love cork in general. The city as well. I have a GREAT friend in London if y'all go...lemme know and Ill hook you two up. You'd LOVE each other!

  10. This chair is dreamy!!! Glad you got it. Gorgeous!


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