Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good Morning, my sweets!

Did you survive your spooky night?  
We had plenty o' revelry around The Wabi-Sabi House, that's for sure!  Oh, how we looooove Halloween.
I have a bit of a sugar headache this morning.  Nothing a big vat of eggs can't cure though, right?

This is what the aftermath looks like every year here.  
Pizza, candy, and the "oh so longed for" religious tract.  This year entitled, "Did you ever carve a pumpkin for Halloween?"
Want to read more? Sure you do!

I'm not sure what folks are trying to achieve by putting these in the kids' bags, but my kid and his friends find them hilarious!  (And freaky, to be honest.)  I don't think that's the desired effect, but that's how it works every year on this most "evil" of celebrations.  (Tongue firmly in cheek on that one.) 
Oh well, to each his own.  I guess.   Being a bit of a pagan myself I find them a bit, oh, oh, never mind.  Who wants to get cranky on Halloween?  (Only every child in America after 75 pieces of candy and an itchy costume, that's who!)

And would you look at this precious sugared-out love bug?

He did not blink the entire time I was taking this picture.  He still hasn't blinked and it's been several minutes.  (He is still breathing; I checked.)
I foresee a very quite day with lots of protein, reading time and probably a movie (or two!) 

OH! Costumes, right!
That's FinnigantheCurious in his Mama-made Minecraft costume and his friend, Bowie, on the left in his ghoulish get-up.  We always hit grandma's house first because she makes a big bowl of candy and it's ALL for Finn and Bowie.  (She's on a walker so she can't get up and down to get the door.)  How much do they love that!

And now, how have YOU been?  I had a lovely break, but sure missed shooting the breeze with ya.  I gussied up the space a little; can you tell?
Did you notice I put some fancy new stuff over there on the right?  Aren't those pictures soooo pretty?  I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.  
Some little boy is croaking that he needs waaaaaatttterrrrr and foooooooood.

Hope your day is calm and quite and savory.  zzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Halloween is a fun time for all. No kiddies around here I'm afraid. Anyway, what about the feet. We haven't forgotten. Of course you might just lie and tell me it was nothing.

  2. I'm so glad you are back. I missed you but I know you needed re fresh ment.
    ms mdd

  3. Your blog always makes me smile -- thank you.

  4. I, as all your fans, are SO glad you are back and as funny and clever as ever. (Maybe a little more as a matter of fact.)
    Thank you for sharing your Halloween with us and the side pictures are wonderful!!!

  5. I love all your little pics in the sidebar. Very enticing! Glad to see you're having fun!


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