Friday, November 4, 2011

Lamps,  lamps, lamps.
The joy and bane of my existence.
I am a big fan of lots of light.   Overhead, natural, lamps, whatever.  I just want to SEE.  
Someone in my family is very picky about lighting.  No overhead lighting! Must be lamps! Must be the perfect lampLight must direct just right!  You get the picture.
But, lamps can get expensive.  Then all those bulbs.  Then all those lamp shades. 
If I have to have a houseful of lamps, they can't be ugly and ratty.  Just no can do.
I am a thrifty girl though, so I've managed to come up with some pretty fabulous lamps for not a lot of moola.  Now that Target has gotten on the lamp shade ball, things have gotten a lot easier for me.

So, yesterday, I put in my new, beautiful chair.  Clearly she needs a reading lamp beside her.  This particular room is already very, very light challenged so I was desperate for a good lamp over there anyway.  (This is the computer room where I spend a lot of time and I can't see a damn thing in there.  Tres frustrating!)
Well,  November is always a big money drain around here.  We've got the Celtic Festival, the Renaissance Festival, there's a boy's trip to Vegas this year, the annual Thanksgiving trip, and, on top of all that,  I do start picking up a few little Christmas things for FinnigantheCurious this month.  Mucho dinero, compadres!

Enter Craigslist!  My favorite shopping resource.
I've been scouring CL for some good floor lamps since our awesome IKEA lamp died.  I really want two IKEA KULLAS, spray painted daisy yellow, but I just don't want to spend $200.  I mean I want, very much, to spend $200, but I won't.  Hell, I want to spend about $300 per lamp on some swanky mid-century ones, but I digress.
Nothing was turning up on CL that met my fancy.  I want something with a swivel arm so that I can move it directly over my blind self while I'm reading, but then put it back up when I'm not.
Enter this seriously not my style baby:

Yea, wow.  We've all seen this lamp a gazillion times right?  For a good DIYer though, this lamp has a lot going on.  The height is just right.  The arm thingee is exactly what I'm looking for.  It's in good shape.  And it's cheeeeeeap.  A few bucks, homies!
Now all I need is a good can of spray primer (you do know you must always primer first, right?) and a can of spray paint.  Mmmm, but what color?  Orange? Pale turquoise?  Mellow Yellow?  I ultimately decided to go with white because it's going up against that rad flower chair and I don't want to take away from it's wildness.  

Now lookie there!  Cute as pie right?  Not a brass monkey is the house!  (A brass monkey is technically a cocktail, but I'm trying to be funny here.)  I know brass is getting a new life what with all the mid-century craze, but I'm not there.  Yet. Shudder.

Look at that cute arm action.  What a hard-working gal she is!  Don't they make a pretty pair?
I was gonna tell you this long and boring story about getting a really great shade from Target and trying to make the U fitting turn into a spider fitting (lamp shop talk, that is), but it all went awry and then I got sucked into looking for shades online and then I started thinking that it would be OK to buy a $150(!) lamp shade since the lamp was so cheap and....well, you know how that goes.

I extracted myself from that trip somehow and these are my current choices:

All from
I think I'm leaning toward the yellow, but it's the most expensive at around $50 with shipping.  I love the orange, but it might be a tad much next to the chair.  And the white is clean, cheap, modern and, well, white.  Harder to clean though.  Hmmmm.

All-righty, well, lots to think about.  
We're off to deliver Meals on Wheels.  I'll try to keep my mind on my work and off my lamps.

The Celtic Festival is this weekend.  Come and be merry!


  1. I'm skeered to say but I like the yellow too. The white makes the lamp invisible. WAIT wait .. get the cheapest and do that colored ribbon thing I've seen decorators do. Round and Round Up or Down !! Grograin ?? Hemp? Yarn?
    ms mudd

  2. I absolutely love what you did with the brass lamp. It's perfect.

    I vote for yellow shade also, BUT could you instead buy a cheap second-hand white/cream lamp shade or a cheap TJ Maxx shade and transform it with some fabric, paint, or paper for less money? I mean, if the cost was next to nothing, would you try it?

    I've done this with three shades, but my shades were different...Just a thought. Laura

  3. Ye are a gurrlll after me own heart about brass. Not to my liking at all. Copper, yes.
    So which shade did you choose and what did you decide to do to it? Not too much froo-froo I hope so that it does not put the chair to shade (get it?).
    Cead Mile Falte.

  4. thats amazing. If you are interested in lighting you should check out They do interesting things with lighting and light fixtures.


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