Friday, November 11, 2011

The computer room gets a lot of use around here.  The Wabi-Sabi House is tres petite so all the common spaces have to be uber multi-tasking.  We do a good job of this, really.  I'm a huge fan of functional design and I get a kick out seeing how many uses I can get out of an object or a room.  The computer room is also where we house the stacking washer/dryer, a second living area - a den, if you will, the library, a kitchen extension, and, mostly, where I pile all the tons of clothes that I have not folded yet.  Ha.  But really, it's a great room and someone is always in here for one thing or another.

Jackdaddy built these fantastic pipe bookshelves and that freed up a lot of room and got things moving in the right direction. 
Then we got THE COUCH.
Then I got THE CHAIR.
Then, all of the sudden, things were feeling just right....except...  (you knew that was coming.)
Except the big black void of that desk chair back.  I love that desk chair, I really do, but that back is just not working now that there are two pieces of furniture flanking it.

(Who let those beautiful bookshelves get all messy and crappy?)

What I needed was a stool.  A little rolling stool.  A little stool that would slide right on into that slot between the filing cabinets when not in use.

Well, I looked and looked and looked.  I went to the state store (nada),  TOPS (ugly and $65!), Craigslist for days on end (nada).

And then I found this site:  THOU SHALL CRAIGSLIST.

Can I first say what a great blog name that is? One of the all-time best, for sure.
The jist of it is that she scours Craigslist for cool stuff and posts it.  Then you (me) (we) can just go over there and look around and link directly to the cool stuff.  No more wading through Hawaiian themed floor lamps for me!!!  Honestly, I will still poke around on CL all the time, but what a treat to just bop over to Thou Shall Craigslist and look at all the goodies.  Brilliant idea.

Oh, the stool.  Right.  So I tell the woman at TSC that I need a stool and cannot find one anywhere.  BAM, stool link the next day.  Now, she's not a personal shopper so don't go over there and get all Missy pushy and whatnot, OK?  We just happened to have an email exchange and she just happened to see a stool, but damn if I hadn't been looking hard for a while and she found me a great one.   I went a picked up my little beauty today...

Hello ducky!  Plain and simple and just what I needed.
Now to recover that seat.  Mmmmm....fabric....mmmmm....fabric.  I had some on hand.  Nothing really worked, but it was fun getting a glimpse of what could be.

I'm actually thinking about orange pleather.  So Partridge Family.  Or maybe white pleather to totally blend in with the cabinets.  Who knows? 
But I am really, really digging this stool and how clean that spot looks now...

SO, just to hang up that painting and the bulletin board and file two bins worth of crap and recover the stool seat and recover the lamp shade.  That's "all!"  Sigh.

Please do go over and vote for me in the Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest.  I'm now in 2nd!!! place.  Hoo Haaaa.

Oh, and PS, I am still trying to work out the tiny font issue.  I know it's hard to read.  I can't even read the damn thing.  Hopefully I can hornswaggle Jackdaddy into fixing it for me this weekend.  Fingers crossed.  Eyes and fingers crossed.


  1. The stool is marvelous but.....
    I can't imagine tackling "repolstering" anything but I am sure it will come out fantastic like all your projects. By the by, did you ever finish painting the kitchen cabinets? And did you put the doors back on them?

  2. ::Swoon:: Seriously. Where do you find these AWESOME websites??? I am SO mad I dont live in austin. Have you ever EVER perused San Antonios CL? Its embarassing compared to whats on Austin....ugh im so jealous i just wnat to spit, and throw my compuer across the room and swear off of the computer forever!!!! Ignorance is bliss and how I do wish I had never seen that beautiful awesome website. I t reminded me of that AWESOME game thingy you found on freecycle or CL? So jealous.

    The short mexican one -
    Alma Delia

  3. How COOL is this little rolling stool! I wish I had three times more room so I could play with cool stuff. I'll just have to get more junque for my back yard.
    ms md

  4. What a cool website! Simple, easy to navigate, and really cool CL goodies. Just don't cover your stool in just doesn't breathe, and if you're sitting for a spell....well, you sweat. Ick. Next week is bulk pickup...or as my friend Val says, "hippie christmas." Ba ha ha ha!


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