Monday, October 10, 2011

Time out.

I'm going to take a little October hiatus.

I KNOW, I KNOW.  I'm sorry.  Really, I am.

I just hate it when my favorite bloggers take breaks and here I am doing it my very self!  Hrmpf to me, right?

We're leaving soon for a little vacation to the Grand Canyon (and Flagstaff! drool drool) so I've got to get ready for that, but I'm also about to do a huge fall house cleaning (in and out) and my yard needs a lot of work to recover from that wretched summer and, uh, I dunno...I guess I just feel like taking a little break. So there.

Consider it just a time out. A little regrouping, as it were. (I love that phrase - as it were.) 

I'll be back in November with bells on.   Jingle Jingle.


See ya soon, baboon!
See ya later, tater!
After awhile, crocodile!
Hasta maƱana, iguana!
Good wishes, little fishes!
Gotta go, buffalo!
Heading south, cotton mouth!