Monday, September 26, 2011

What I got...

I got dirt and poop.
Oooo fun weekend of putting in the fall garden.  Well, the beginnings of it anyway.  Shlepped out to The Natural Gardener and got my dirt and my poop.  Revamped the tired old scorched dirt from spring with some new blood.

This may be the last year these old wooden beds hold dirt.   They're getting old a cranky.  Like me.

I also got some "help" from the damn chikkins.  The %&*$&#damn chikkins, that is...

I sat my few transplants up on the water tank for 13.5 seconds and those beatches ate them.  Ate. them. up.   If it weren't for those damn fine eggs they provide, I'd be telling you all about my delicious chikkin and dumplings that I made this weekend.

I got real help from Jackdaddy...

Big manly man in his manly man truck.  Lorday, it's sooooo much easier to unload dirt and poop from a truck when you have a big, strong strappin' man to help you.

And I got something a little unexpected as well...

Swollen ass feet!  Well, not assfeet, but my feet "swole up."  (If you're not from the south you probably have no idea what I mean when I say swole up, but that is what some people here call swollen feet.  Example: "I worked in the yard all weekend long and my damn feets swole up.")

Swollen or swole up, they hurt!  I parked them in some cold water and kept them up and that helped, but OW.  I'm sure 2 beers after my long day didn't help with swelling, but I was willing to make that trade off, if you know what I'm sayin'.

I don't have any cute and adorable pictures of FinnigantheCurious celebrating the Autumnal Equinox. Sniff. Sniff.  It was just too damn hot.  We made lemonade and ate watermelon instead of hot chocolate and soup.  I started to be good and pouty about it because I really, really love my Solstice/Equinox celebrations, but what the hell, you know?  I'm just gonna wait until it feels like fall and then we'll have a redo.

Whadyou do this weekend?  
Don't anybody go and tell me they live out east or up north or up west and you spent the weekend knitting and baking and having your first little fire.  Just don't tell me, OK?  But let's just say if you were knitting... maybe you coulda made me some "swole up feet booties" or something?  That might make me feel better.

I've got some hillbilly decorating to show you tomorrow.  Since I'm talking like a  hillbilly tonight for some reason, I might as well back it up with some visuals.

I know you can't wait.
Hoo Haw, y'all.


  1. Good grief!!! Your pore swole up feet. What caused them to git all swole up? Too much work? Not enough beer, cheese, hummus and naan? How about a wee spotty of wine?
    I hope if/when the weather cools off we can all enjoy our food more. (As if I have any trouble forcing food down.)hhslpt
    Your garden is going to be fabbalass.

  2. I had achey legs (but I always do) and I did knit but it was inside the air conditioning. I admire you working in the yard and if you want beer you can come to my house and fix up my non-existant veggie beds and I will give you more beer.

  3. Oh my chile!! Keep offa dem swole feets in the cool house. My children usta say, "Take my time, Take my time" (instead of
    take YOUR time)

  4. Your swole feet worry me. Do you know why they swole up? Seriously. I mean aside from standing on them, has this happened before?

    Ah, let me tell you what I did this weekend, besides going to the bank, the post office, doing laundry, and watering...I made a homemade apple (organic) pie, butter crust and all. It was yummy!!!

    Oh and if you have any spare Jack Daddys (ones a bit more my age), let me know 'cause I need one, and I promise to make him homemade pies on a daily basis. Laura

  5. Merry - NEVER enough cheese, hummus and wine, right? Hee hee

    Nancy - I'll be happy to come and have beer and visit your NE veggie beds. I think it's high time we meet, don't you?

    Ms Mudd - Oh, that is SO cute what your kids would say. Finn, for years, would say, "Hear to this," instead of "Listen to this." Precious babies!

    Laura - I'm a bit worried too. (Don't tell my mama.) They've been doing this for a few weeks and are getting quite swollen. I also have the "good fortune" to be suffering from plantar fasciitis. I'm going to the podiatrist next week. Fingers crossed it's not a heart thing and just a foot thing. Sigh.
    I have a feeling Jackdaddy would be very happy to spare a bit o' him for some pie. Mmmm pie. Thanks for worrying bout my feets. ;)

  6. I'm really worried about those feet. Working outside all day should not do that, especially at your tender age. Only a bite from a wasp or something else. Maybe it is related to the plantar fasciitis Hope so.

  7. Thank you, Jenny, you English rose, you. I am hoping it is some weird plantar related thing too. I'm terrible about going to the doctor but I WILL this time.

  8. Please go get those feet looked at, will ya? It hurts to look at them. I know you said you would, just one more supporting you in doing so. xoxo

  9. Hi there-have been wanting to comment forever. Love your whole blog so much. You remind me of my five sassy-pants daughters who live in Austin in homes similar to yours. I am reading all of your archived entries!

  10. Love your blog. I am Mira M.'s granny. I hope we will meet someday.

  11. Kathryn - Well, send those FIVE sassy pants on over! I always wanted a sister. wink wink.

    Dadamama - You ARE? Oh, I did meet you once, I think, at Miss M's birthday party, maybe? I tell ya, that whole family is the cat's meow. Next time you come in, y'all call me and I'll come over...really! Thanks for reading my blog, Granny. (I think Granny is the cutest grandma name.) I also like Nana, which is what the Irish call Gmas and my own mama is Grandmary, which I LOVE and think is so pretty and clever - just like her!

  12. Oh, so we did meet! Mira called me Dadamama when she was just a little one. At first, I did not realize that she was referring to "Daddy's Mama", aka me! I thought she was asking for her Dada and Mama and for the longest time, I thought that she did not have a name for me and I was a little miffed! I will look you up!


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