Friday, September 23, 2011

Merry Mabon to Ye!

I hope some Autumnal magic finds  its way to you today on this loveliest of Equinoxes.  (Temperatures below 98 would be quite magical around here.  Grumble Grumble.)

That's my dear little friend Bridie's foot up there in the tadpole pond.  She is a fine Irish girl full o' the magic and the fey (just like her Mama).  She put her magical little foot in there and they came swarming.  It was quite a sight. 

We'll be lighting the Celebration Ring today (pictures on Monday), making squash soup, lighting the fireplace.  (HAHAHA the last one was a joke.)

AND, for for some other exciting news:  my dear and faithful reader, Miss Kat, alerted me to the fact that yesterday was ...

HOW is it possible that I did not know September 22 is Hobbit Day?  HOW, I ask you?  Well, never again, that's for sure.  Next year there will be some serious Hobbit partying going on around here.  A Hobbit party...I'm giddy at the thought!  Not to mention getting to eat elevensies! 

Happy, Happy Autumn to you, my little Hobbits!


  1. And, a Merry Mabon to ye, as well.
    Stay safe...

  2. Merry Mabon and Happy Hobbit all in one week's time. Wow! I used to like Spring the best but, as I get older (and wiser), I like Autumn the mostest.
    Thank you for the blog. I look at it three or four times a day because "I just want to be sure of you."
    "Rumpots, Crackpots and thank you Mr. Wilson."

  3. love. Merry Mabon - here's to things changing and not being so damn hard like this long, hot, dry summer and everything else. xo

  4. I check every day too! I love being happily surprised to see a new bit o' news and be made aware of soltices and tad poles and Hobbits.
    ms mdd


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