Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I got a bee in my damn bonnet about my ugly right-of-ways.  I live on a corner lot so I have two big sides of ROWs. 
They're ugly.  Well, it's not so much that they're ugly, they're just crying out for something.  Once you get the yardening bug, you see potential everywhereEvery. where.  It's a sickness, dammit.  Sick, sick, sickness.
The ROWs are strips of compacted, weed-infested hell.  A real gardener would get out there and work that soil, mulch it, compost it, plant it.  You can see what a real gardener would do over HERE at Digging.
I am not such woman.  I am lazy and I prefer the lazy method of ROW decorating.
So I got some tires.  (Pronounced "tars" here in Texas.) 

Got them from a very nice man name of Monte.  He's working hard to keep them out of the landfills too, also, too.  (Thanks to Vivian for sending me the Craigslist link to Monte!)  
Yea, lots of tires.  20 to be exact.  I kinda freaked out when I went to meet Monte for the pick-up.  20 tires is a LOT of tires when they're all piled up in a truck bed.  I thought, Jackdaddy is gonna sh*t when he sees all these(Jackdaddy is not a fan of the tire decorating.  Wonder why? Hee Hee. Hrmpf.)  
But I got them home and laid them out and I felt less panicked.  
I think.

I was planning to do the ROWs with lots of purple heart like this look (yum) from

but it got too damn hard with that compacted soil (and I mean, really, who in their right mind is going to work soil just to put in purple heart?), and there are too many leaves from all my drought-stressed trees, and they come out of the soil too easily every time a dog or kid walks on them and, and, and.  Sigh.  But I do think they look good next to the black of the tire so I plan to put some in between tires for extree umpf.

Here's one with some purslane.  I had to move all my purslane out of the garden because the damn chikkins eat it.  I love little purslane, I do, I do.  This one blooms lovely peach flowers.  Shoulda got a picture of it blooming.  Hmmm. What was I thinking?  Not thinking, obviously.  I plan to put Silver Ponyfoot in all of them for that delightful trailing down look.  Not sure what else.  Hopefully something that the pollinators can use, but it only gets late afternoon sun so I'm not sure how bloomy they can be.  I'll have to think on it.  Wait, I wonder if those little blooms on the purple heart will attract them?  Maybe I'll do the purple heart in the tires?!

My damn chikkins found a new napping spot.  Yep, this is what happens when you don't get your chikkin wire up fast enough.  Nap Mahal.  It's kinda cute. But not really.
Like tires.

PS I made an appointment for my swelling feet.  Thanks for all the love on that.  I'll let you know.  Unless I'm dying or something and then I will totally lie.


  1. Love the tires, but the napping chickens are! Too damn cute - especially since it's not my yard they're in, ya know? ;) xoxo

  2. Ilove the chicks too. Your tire planting will turn out swell, I betcha. Oh I KNOW-Let's paint the tires !! And plant anything that will grow. There must be something.
    ms mdd
    p.s. Please let us know how you are, good news or not.

  3. Yes, purple heart would be pretty in the tires and they do trail down and get long if they have room. I like purple and black together. Plus, nice way to discourage excessive parking all along your ROW...unless they knock the dang tires over that is. Silver ponyfoot is SO small, you need something with body and height to make the tires really interesting. I know it's trial-by-error. Loveya!

  4. James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree took great care of his Mother so I am sure Finniganthecurious will take good care of you and your swollen feet. And I would be happy to come and help.
    The tars look wonderful as is so after being gussied up they will look divine.

  5. Your tars remind me of a Mexican primary school. Of the public variety. And that's cool. Can't wait to see another photo after their plants all fill out.

  6. "Real gardeners" -- phooey on all that. If you're sticking plants in the ground (or in tires), you're a gardener. And you get extra props for doing anything at all in this heat. Blech -- but it's supposed to be cooler when we wake up tomorrow.

    I've got mourning doves taking dirt naps in my garden under the bird feeder. They've scratched away all the mulch under it, looking for dropped seeds, and then they rest in the dusty soil.


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