Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thrify Thursday

Savers, oh Savers how I love thee.

The most perfect mermaid shirt ever.  EVER.  WHO would give this up? WHO in the HELL would give this up?

Look at those OP stripes!
Look at the black and white mer on the rainbow-colored shirt!
Look at the Kurt Cobain ring neck!
Look at all the exclamation points!
I rarely sort through the T-shirts, but YOWZA! I'm so glad I did.  This is my favorite shirt of all time.  It also fits.   Sometimes I find really fabulous things at Savers and work reeeeeally hard to squeeze myself into them (or finagle them if they're too big, but that's, um, rare), but this little beauty is puuurfect.  Hangy. Soft. Worn in. Slouchy.

You'll see me in it soon, I'm sure.  It's the only thing I wear these days.  This and some equally fabulous white jeans I found there - circa 1969 with the big bells.

I love that feeling of loving what I'm wearing.  Don't you?


  1. Sweet - smelling of sunshine and ready to wear.
    ms mdddd

  2. LOVE it! When can I see you in it? ;)

  3. That shirt is boss.

    It's all about the feel - the weight of the cloth, how it hangs on your frame and what you feel like in it.

    If you can find ONE tee-shirt that fits all those categories - it's gold.

  4. total t-shirt envy. what the heck is savers anyway?


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