Friday, August 12, 2011

Projecticus Giganticus

Oh boy.

Have I told you that I've been searching and searching for a BIG round, wooden table for, oh, about 6 years?  I have.  I've looked everywhere and I do mean everywhere.

Well, all of the sudden I just got tired of damn looking.  I decided to broaden my search from round to oval.  This happened when my friend (and piano teacher) Miss Katie Foley (who is really a Mrs., but doesn't that name sound JUST like an old-fashioned Miss piano teacher?)  put up an ad on my neighborhood message board that she had a BIG table for sale.  I looked. I bought.

Now I have a ginormous dining room table and I am pleased as punch.  Jackdaddy? um ... not so pleased.  Accepting, but, oh, let's say, bugged by its size.  Eight chairs, hos, EIGHT chairs to go around her. 

We had a lovely farm table.  I did love it and I will miss it but it was ... smallish.

SO, I am to.ta.lly smitten by this big mama thang.  I am also completely and utterly obsessed with scouring Google for ideas on how to funk it up.  Oh, yes, I am going to paint this sucker up like a madwoman.  You know I am.  Right now I'm thinking old-timey white or mayyyybe ORANGE:

Or maybe decoupaged:

Or maybe mapped:


Or maybe sky blue:

Oh, the joy of a project!! What if I painted it high-gloss tangerine and then put a huge pirate ship silhouette on it? A dragon!  Ooo OOO, how about a BIRD? (You must watch this.)

Did that just make you spit some coffee on the screen or whut?  Thanks to Jessie for turning me on to it.  Jessie and I both still love the (now) totally ubiquitous owls, squirrels, foxes, rabbits - forest folk in general.  I shall never tire of the magical fairy, foresty kitsch.  Never, I tell you!

So...that's what I'll be doing all weekend and the next and the next and the next.  Maybe someday I'll get my kitchen cabinets painted as well.  It's only been 5 months since I started that project. 

Oh, yea, and I also snagged a bunch of gorgeous fabric at JoAnn's today cuz I felt like I didn't really have enough to do.

I've been surfing Etsy for place mats.  I just love fabric place mats and I only have the two that I made when Jessie and I were hanging out drinking tea and yakking taking sewing lessons and I have been really, really, really wanting some more.  I kept thinking that I just didn't have a big block of time to sit down and make some (and I am so not good with the machine due to reasons stated above), but then I said (said I) what the hell? I just need to make time and so I will.  

Just look at this stack of deliciousness!!  The sewing lady asked me what I was making and I told her.   She was kind of quiet and then said, " your house really neutral? Is that why you chose all these wild colors for your table?" Girl, I didn't even bat an eye.  I told her, "Oh YES, my house is just SO drab and colorless and I've been trying SO hard to think of ways to spruce it upI just have such a hard time with color." HA HA HA. OMG can you even imagine?  I just didn't want her to think I was quite a weird as she obviously thought I was.  I mean, look, there was a much older woman standing right next to me buying black fabric with florescent wiener dogs on it. WIENER freakin DOGS.  To each her own, right?

I'm open to suggestions for the big table.  Y'all lemme know!


  1. There is a book called Flea Market Finds (or something like that).I think you have it. Maybe there are some more ideas. As if you don't already have enough sources.
    What did you do with the other table?
    Girl girl girl= you are the most and bestest.

  2. Oilcloth, natch. Make a "fitted" cover (like your beloved sheets) w/elastic or tabs or somethin' so you can remove and exchange when the spirit moves ... and I know that it will.

  3. You won't believe this (oh I think you will) I had one the same shape at the beach. It was lonnnnnnnng and would fit my entire family. I should have painted it. I know this now because I just do.
    ms mdd

  4. LOL, I used to buy all sorts of weirdly odd fabric. When we were asked we would tell them costumes for plays. People always buy the weirdest stuff so I'm not sure why she asked. maybe she was bored. lol.

    You go girl. Placemats would be good to do except our tables are so full of stuff we don't use them to eat on. lol

  5. I recently found the most awesome little golden blonde 50s side table with brass-tipped, tapered legs and a drawer at Savers for 5.99! The only problem is that the top is scarred up. First I was gonna' paint it turquoise with an orange drawer, but the wood is pretty and it great shape except for the top. My architect pal, Kathy, suggested covering the top with cork! I love it! Apparently there was some famous woman architect who hated the sound glasses made when being set down on a table and thought they should be silent--hence, cork! Here's a cool Martha Stewart tutorial link:

    Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be darling!

  6. Pickle that baby... Orange undercoat with a lovely white/off-white topcoat, so that orange peeps through... yummy.

  7. I must comment on those chairs. I see those at UTall the time. I think about confiscating a few for my home. did you get those at some UT property thingy or what? I love them.

  8. Ooooo, y'all got some GREAT idees. I'm toying around with stuff. I have an idea, but it might be too much work. I am thinking...thinking...

    Beth - YES! we got them at a UT auction that takes place every Friday. I'll ask Jack about them. He said there were TONS of them and they were almost free..I mean really, really cheap. Like him. hahahaha.


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