Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My beautiful, beautiful Evelyn Ackerman tapestry that hung in my Daddy's office.  I remember loving it as a child and am so honored to have it my home now. 

I decorated my whole house around this tapestry and the mystery one here:

I periodically go on a chase to find out who the artist of this one was, but have never found a thing.  It has no label, only the initials "DL."

That big red sun sure does look familiar these days, doesn't it?  I think they're beach houses...up on stilts.  That's so interesting as the house I grew up in was on stilts as well.  (We lived in a high-flood area.)

Happy Tuesday to you!


Well, I got curious again last night after writing this post and started poking around on the www.  I found this fantastic site called Mid-Centuria.  I wrote that (clearly) fabulous and knowledgeable guy a note and he replied right back giving me the lowdown on the mystery tapestry.  I am GIDDY to announce that it is called "Seaside" (drool drool) and was created by Donald Leake who worked with the Ackermans.  
I'm so happy to finally know!!!  I feel like a dumb butt for not digging further into the Ackermans because I'm sure I would have found this out sooner if I had.  Cest la vie, my pretties because now I know and that's all that matters!! 

Mucho, mucho thanks to Kevin at Mid-Centuria for this gift. And for that gorgeous blog. 

And to whoever bought these damn things in the first place and hung them in my Dad's office.  My mom says they were just there; that the bank decorated the office.  OMG was that office SO Madmen...I can't even begin to tell you.  I wish I had all that stuff...even the ashtray that was always, but always full.  

Off to not smoke and not have a cocktail.


  1. Beautiful tapestries. Love the bright, cheerful colors. Yes, that big red sun does look very familiar.

  2. Cool wall hangings in warm colors = your mid-century modern style.
    ms mdd

  3. Thank goodness you had the sense to keep them. Most of us don't have the savvy to know what to keep and what to toss.
    Plus it is a little touch of Tony forever visible.

  4. Love the blog. We live only a few blocks and came upon your site via the Crestview listserve.

    That Modernica site was cool too!

  5. I like how they are simple, as if they could have been done by a kid, not to insult EA or DL at all, but I hope you know what I mean. Loveyougirl!

  6. D0000d! Mid-Centuria is fabulous. It makes me glad that my mom held on to the giant round mosaic coffee table that is probably five feet in diameter and requires three strong men to lift. She sold the nine foot long aqua sofa, though. That one also required several strong men to move.

  7. I've always loved those wall hangings of yours - so cool to know the background. Smart Mama for hanging on to them!! xoxo

  8. i have always loved them, too...secretly coveted them, actually. as in 'i wonder if she would consider leaving them to me in her will'. morbid, yet true. as always, your taste and style is right up my alley!


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