Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Isn't she the kayoooootest thing?  Little red ceramic cow lady with a Texas stamped right on her.   She's a bank, to boot.  So, her name is, uh, Moola. (Boo. Hiss.)  I got her from one of Ellen's yard sales.  Lovely Ellen, lovely goodies.  I really cannot believe that she's not been broken yet.  (The cow, not Ellen.)  She stands all day looking out the window.... longingly? Probably laughingly because she's living large inside the cool A/C and not standing out in some field sweating her arse off.  Smart cow.

Happy Toosday. 


  1. Sweet - I'd give her some corn (coin). Long may she moo.
    ms mdd
    Thanks for the book suggestion. I'm all about supporting the mammas.

  2. Your own personal cow in the Cow Parade! She's the smart one since she's inside,like you mentioned. ;)


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