Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mellow Yellow

Thank the gods for Esperanza.  There they grow, towering and flowering in the full sunfromhell.  They really are so pretty, especially with that crazy chikkin back there in all it's color madness.  (The metal chikkin, not the real chikkin.)

Poor, deserted raised vegetable bed.  I've got 3 tomato plants still hanging in there. I'm hoping to get them through August and maybe they'll fruit again in the fall.  Oh, I can't wait to get the spinach and lettuce in!  I've been doing a little hillbilly planting around here too...

Yea, um, tires.  I think I showed you these before, but I really like this little vignette at the coop.  BOK BOK!   The ladies deserve a little gussyness.  I've got some rosemary, a lantana, some lavender (that thing can take some heat too!) and a delicious Almond Verbena.  Pam over at Digging turned me on to that verbena and I LOVE it.  The smell is so sweet it's almost sickly, but holy toledo the bees LOVE it.  It's bee crack.  I can see an entire yard of this stuff!  I'd be a bee crack dealer.

I think there's a squash growing in with the lavender.  I love volunteer veggies.  That would be awesome if I got some late summer squash by accident.

For a total non sequitur..I killed my black bamboo finally.  On purpose.  
Dear god what we went through to get that crap! My neighbor and gardening friend, Beverly, graciously "let" us come dig some up from her yard. I use the term dig lightly as it was more like, oh, excavate.  Poor Jackdaddy almost broke his damn back trying to get it out.  Broke a shovel, he did.  (Almost broke a marriage, honestly.)  But it never did do a damn bit of growing.  It survived, but never grew and it was all gangly and raggedy so I killed it. 

I like the stock tank better now.  Mucho bettero.
There's another recommended plant for the summerfrom hell:  Knock Out roses.  Pam (dear Pam again) gave me those beautiful ones on the end.  The struggling ones in the middle are grown by me.  Imagine that.
La, La, La.
Happy Thursday, my pretties!


  1. I love your hillbilly plant boxes (er, tires). I planted all my potatoes in tires this year and they are stacked up in a sunny part of the yard like some sort of monument to a bygone road trip or something.

    word verification: expla - the first part of the word explain before you are interrupted by flying monkeys.

  2. Thank goodness for plants that can take the heat, right? I'm glad those roses are working out for you.

  3. I love your little tractor tire! Sweet. The knock out roses are lowly in the metal soft and beautiful!

  4. Lindsey, funny you should say that. I had a vision of a tire fence. I'm afraid Jackdaddy will axe that idea though. How did your potatoes do in there, btw?

    Pam, those roses have been a saving grace this summer. They just keep on blooming!

    Julie, are you getting Irene there?!?! I love that word, lowly. Sweet sweet.


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