Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Monday

I'm so happy that I have been getting almost 2 buckets a day (well, in 24 hours, I mean) of air conditioning drip water.  One of my yard challenges is keeping the stock tanks/fish homes filled with water.  The evaporation rate is insane!  Normally I have to fill up some buckets with hose water, let them sit for a few days so that the chlorine can burn off, and then put them in.  Once I "discovered" (Jackdaddy told me) that this A/C water is pure, pure, I can just shlep it over and pour it in!  Ooo la la. Happy me, happy fish.

But wait!  Two happies (happys?) today....
I finally figured out why my flourishing Ruellia patch is only flourishing close to the street and not right up by the fence...

Yea.  Damn chikkins are poking their heads through and eating the ones right by the fence.  What to do, what to do?
I'm so happy those Ruellias are finally taking off too!  Remember when I just planted them and they were all so ugly and scraggly
They're all flush and full now...mmmmm. I can't wait to get more this fall and finish going all the way around the fence. 
Hmmm, what else? OH! A happy for Jackdaddy...

Gate opener has arrived!!! Fancy, huh?  One of the cool things about Jackdaddy's job is that every now and then he gets to do an extra thing and that extra thing gets us some extra money.  He sat on a fancy panel thingee recently and got some $$$$.  I told him just to keep it all (we usually split as I do extra work as a single parent, you know), but he decided to buy the gate opener so that's like us both getting a big treat!  Oh, it's gonna be sooooo swanky to push a button and have that gate open for me.  The boys will be miffed, I'm sure, as I pay them .50 for opening it for me.  (Why is there no cents symbol on keyboards anymore? What the hell?)

Hope you have a happy Monday too.


  1. we are also new owners of a gate opener and parents of a disappointed daughter that received .25 for every manual gate-open! Trade-offs, you know? Button-pushing pleasure for a quarter defficient kid.

  2. This is an energy saving device. It will give you the juice to play harder.
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  3. Bet those are tasty eggs. Happy Monday to you too.

  4. Funny- I used to have Ruellia right outside my chicken run at the old house. The chickens kept the grass and Ruellia neatly clipped back at a very uniform 3-inches-ish distance. Far more uniform than anything else in the yard!

  5. I want a gate opener so bad!

    Re: leaving hose water out to off-gas the chlorine. I learned last week that COA's water treatment method uses chloramine, because it's more stable for storage and such than chlorine gas. Anyway, apparently this forms a different bond with the water molecules - even with a bubbler aerating, the chloramine remains in the water.

    We use a Berkey filter for our drinking water, but it's killing me that every time I water our garden, I'm slowly poisoning the microbes in our soil.(

  6. Morgan bought a couple of de-chlorinators for our outdoor faucets. I think they help quite a bit. We're trying to figure out if we can have a cistern put in on the side of our house. Since we seem to be becoming a desert, might be a good investment!

    And, speaking of fancy door openers, we just got a solar-powered electric chicken coop door opener. Pretty spiffy! You choose the time you want the door to open and the time you want it to close, and voila! The chickens are very good about putting themselves to bed at night when it's just dark, and now we don't have to go close the coop door. The chicken run is pretty darn secure, so I don't think we really need to worry, but now we REALLY don't have to worry.


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