Monday, August 29, 2011

Funny Owl

This little owlette sits on top of my piano.  (NO! I am not over the bird thing, thank you very much.) It sat in the same place for a long, long time.  One day while undusting (a rare occurrence), I moved her over to the other side of the piano.   For some weird kid reason, FinnigantheCurious thought the owl had moved by itself.  He had two friends over at the time and he convinced them (he is very convincing) that this was truth.  It caused quite a ruckus and commotion, needless to say.  Now, being a mama who believes in the keeping the magic alive as long as possible (and, oh, it is so very fleeting around here these days), I could not bring myself to pipe in and say that I had simply moved her for cleaning.  So I didn't.  And I never will.

So now there is great owl lore around Finnigan and his friends.  We have a haunted (but friendly) owl!  Periodically  I move the owl and the kids just go insane.  I really think they believe that the owl is moving herself.  I love this. I couldn't have planned it, it just came to be straight out of the delicious mind of a child.

I wonder if they'll ever think of it when they are grown and gone?  That The Holts had a haunted owl that moved itself!  I hope so.  I hope they all think back on this house and know that magic was alive and well. 

Hoo! Hoo! and a Happy Monday to yoo!


  1. Owls are just so delicious. (Not EDIBLE delicious) We had a family of them in that big cypress tree at 500 every New Year. I would find all sorts of things they didn't eat but had dropped. It is illegal to hunt them, thank goodness.
    You do know the Shaggy Dog joke about owl, don't you?
    "What does a chikken hawk taste like?"
    "'Bout like owl."
    Keep the Magic.

  2. Hold onto that magic as long as you can.
    And, yes...they will all probably remember the 'haunted owl'.
    Stay cool...

  3. So funny Michele! I love the little rock owls I see at the local nurseries. One day I'll splurge on one...xoxo

  4. I do so love a child's imagination.
    ms mdd

  5. You are a magical Mama, that's for sure. xo

  6. So funny.
    Kids keep all sorts of snippets in their heads that they grow up with and hold on to. The Case of The Curiously Moving Owl will be one of those.
    Next time, put it under someone's bed - that'll really freak 'em out.


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