Friday, August 19, 2011


Instead of doing this (can't believe I'm actually showing you)...

I'm busy doing this.. 

Oh, yea, just pouring over every page and dreaming and drooling and plotting and planning as if I have a real garden.  I've got 4 raised beds, that's it.  But whenever I get into these garden fits, I start dreaming of turning my whole yard over into production.  I literally start to believe that I am going to go balls to the wall and turn the whole yard into food.  Now, I can't even keep a bed of okra alive cuz I'm too damn lazy.  Can you see me with a whole yard?  
I started trying to talk to Jackdaddy about the "Whole Yard Production Plan" and I'm all like, "So we could move the fence here and then those stock tanks could go over there and the pond won't be too hard to move really since I killed all the fish and what if we planted some olive trees there..."  and I can, literally, see his eyes glaze over and he starts slinking out of the room (thinking that I'm not noticing) and I just keep on talking.  Oh god, it's just too hilarious.  I can see myself being insane and yet I cannot stop.  Can. not. stop. 
This is all folly, my dears, but it's what I do when the %$&$^# temperature is over 100 for the millionth day AND THERE IS NO RAIN EVER.  

I just, ARG, I dunnoooooo,  I really, really, really want to grow more food, but dammit dammit I just can't seem to commit to making it happen.  

But this is yet another reason that it's good to get older; you know your limits a little bit more each year.  I have these fits every fall and spring and I somehow manage to resist the urge to till the yard.  Experience is a delicious thing, dearies!  

It's not all my fault that I get so crazy anyway.  Right now I'm blaming it on this woman:

Hate her.

OK, love her, but hate her.  
They're growing lettuce and watermelon at the same freaking time!!!!!  Kale and cantaloupes.  Sheesh, Louise.  
Course, I'm gonna be out in my lovely 60 degrees garden harvesting my delicious spinach and lettuces and chards this winter and she is going to be posting pictures of piles and piles of snow and complaining about her millionth day of being stuck inside with temperatures below freezing for weeks on end so, I guess we're even. 

Doesn't feel that way right now, does it?


  1. Sit on that pile of clothes and smoosh it down. It makes an excellent cushion so then you sit on it and read.
    ms mdd

  2. Hey, sweetie, don't be so hard on yourself. You do soooo many other things so beautifully. And besides, you CAN grow food. You just need more practice and a bit more cooperation from the weather! (Also different varieties of veggies do better in this hot, hot weather than others. ) Morgan installed our drip irrigation system and it's made a HUGE difference. We're not growing anything right now but herbs because we just couldn't justify the water use, when, like you pointed out in an earlier post, you can shop more economically at the farmers market and come away with exquisite produce. Right now anyway, but come fall you WILL have a garden with lovely lettuces and whatever other yummy green your heart desires. I say start earlier in the spring and just stop when it gets to hot. It's a waste of our precious water to spend it on gardens unless they're necessary for your survival.

  3. Your blog is balm to my soul in this @!!*&!! weather. Really. Laura

  4. What really pisses me off about Soulemama is that she maintains that garden, PLUS takes care of all kinds of animals, knits, sews, has written three books, has five kiddos and home-schools them all. FIVE, I tell you. One a brand new baby! I don't even have one kid left at home, yet I can't seem to accomplish much more than writing my daily blog post. Oh yeah, and she does that too!

  5. I'm gonna try to put in a raised bed this fall and decide to use Ollas in it. If you look for ollas in the garden, they are pots you bury in the ground and then store water in them to keep your plants watered. Really works.

    I have giant piles of everything in my house. Especially ironing.

  6. I loves me some Soulemama. Wears me out reading her posts - almost makes me feel like I'm doing all the work! ;) kidding!


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