Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wimberley, TX.

 My, my how things change.  "Back in the day" there was just an old dirt road to The Blue Hole along with lots of mud and muck.  No that that would deter one from going there.  The Blue Hole has always been one of the best swimming holes ever in the history of the planet times a million.  We took a day trip there yesterday and I was absolutely thrilled to find that they've done some serious gussying up over there in sweet, sweet Wimberley.

Apparently, some folks called Friends of the Blue Hole got inspired, got some money and got busy.  There was a master plan led by The Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center that was implemented and, boy, does it show.  The lovely natural look that comes from using local products combined with Earth-saving tools give The Blue Hole a wonderfully updated and environmentally sound facelift.  Beautiful work, y'all!

A modern entrance flanked with a big ole' honkin' cistern lets you know something special is just around the corner.  It's that wonderful, "I'm about to get down into someplace special where man and nature have agreed to work together" feeling that I so love.

The Hole itself has not changed much though, thank goodness.  Still cold spring water fed by Jacob's Well.  Still ropes in the trees to swing from.  Still incredible trees in the water to cling to.  I hugged me some trees and told them thank you for all joy they've provided.

Cold water is usually not my thing.  I'm a Gulf Coast girl...I like my water tepid, preferably downright warm, but I girded up my loins and made the plunge.  Lordy it was fun jumping in and screaming with shock and delight. 

Also fun to get out and have some lunch and do a little reading on the grassy knoll.

Oh the joy of having a  reading child.  I read one page, he reads the next.  We're all wrapped up in Treasure Island right now.  Pirates! Treasure! One-legged men! Swimming hole!  What more could a boy want?

We took the ubiquitous stroll around the town.  I was totally smitten by that stained glass window with a lady in it!  How clever is that? I think I'll have one of those someday.

 Beverages at Sip on The Square.

 Um, yes, please! I know just the place for this at The Wabi-Sabi House.

 This airplane was a big hit with my flight-loving boys.

It was hard to let go of such a lovely, care-free day.  How grateful I am that Jackdaddy is able to steal away from work now and then for special days like this. 
P.S. OH! We brought that tiny bit of rain to you, you know.  Because we packed up and went to a swimming hole, it rained!  We got deluged up there, which was really fun.  Not so much here, I don't think, but it was something, right?


  1. And we Wimberleyites are mighty thankful to ya for that bit of rain -- especially since I'd left town for a couple of days, and my poor plants were dyin' of thirst!

  2. You know, Becky, I almost tried to track you down to see if wanted to have a cuppa. Next time I will!

  3. When I grow up I want to spend some time in Wimberely Maybe not in the water but, with a purse full of $$$$$$$$, shop and shop and shop and...........

  4. Dang, I've lived here forever and never heard of the Blue Hole. I think they kept it a secret on purpose. Looks fab, and it gives me some ideas for FOBP. It's good to have "friends." heehee, the security word is belly. ;-)

  5. Yes...thank you for the rain.

    Haven't been over to Blue Hole, since they finished the new entrance. Glad you had a good time, in our 'little bit of heaven.'

  6. What a fabulous day! I haven't been to Blue Hole for 20 years! I guess Deep Eddy and a few secret haunts have kept me from wandering out that way. Looks lovely, though, as does Sip on the Square. It's great what a day in the country can do for us!

  7. How fun! I went once a million years ago. Need to go back to Blue Hole.


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