Thursday, July 14, 2011

Granny Holt in the house.

Oh lord, y'all.  I've totally turned into a Granny. 
I got a clothesline.

And I LOVE it.  I love and adore and worship it's little metal heart.  I need to give it a name.  Hmmm.  I always was gonna have one, but we'd just not gotten around to putting one in yet.  Then it was over 100 degrees for about 20-something (just like my age! HAR HAR) days in a row and I realized the utter insanity of using the dryer.  It takes about an hour to dry a load of towels in the dryer.  It takes about 14 seconds to dry them outside.  I have to say I felt a little silly paying money for a clothesline, but I am allll about this turning umbrella situation that can be taken down whenever I want (as if!).  Oh, man, the Zen of hanging clothes on the line is so awesome.  You know, Zen = Awesome.

I researched them quite a bit online and then bought mine locally at Zinger's Hardware.  Have we talked about Zinger's before?  Girl, girl, girl.  Walk in there and you'll think you've died and gone to heaven.  (If you get overcome by the need to buy something from them online, be sure to find the little Community Involvement thingee and buy from there.  They take proceeds from sales and give some to various non-profits.  Can I just pitch you to buy from The Mother's Milk Bank page? How cool that they support breast milk!)

I was also "forced" to buy that precious little clothespin holder.  I love it almost as much as the clothesline.
Speaking of drying stuff...

Do you have one of these?  Ziploc dryer thingee it is!  Warsh out those baggies and reuse them over an over and over.  My bff Cory had one and I coveted it for years.  Then my fine and lovely mama bought me one and I use it just about every day.  I also dry my Sigg bottles on it and my place mats fit across there just great too.

That's all I got.  I'm all dried up now.  Just like everything else in my garden.  Poor, poor Texas garden.  
Poor, poor Texas granny.  
It's fat dress and beer-thirty time!


  1. That Ziplock dryer looks handy...Where would I find one?

    I have a clothesline and I LOVE it to death. I also had one like yours before we moved into my current house in 2001.

    I use my clothesline almost every time I wash. Of course when it's raining non-stop, then I use the dryer.

    Did you know there's even a clothesline group that promotes line drying?

    Happy clothes hanging!!!!! Way to go!


  2. I love to find someone who gets as excited over things like this as I do! I need a clothesline, for sure. Summertime drying would take about 14 seconds!!! hehehe.

  3. I remember those rotating clothes line thingies from when I was a kid! That was... um... a while ago. Anyway, how great to see someone using one again!

  4. I don't know, Michele. It's a slippery slope: first the "fat dress" (AKA muumuu), now the clothesline w/clothespins. What next, house slippers?

    I have one of those collapsible umbrella doo-hickeys, too. It's great!

  5. Laura, I DID find that group via Vermont Country Store. I want one of those placards for my fence!

    Julie, oh yea, we are kindred spirits, right? Are y'all having the same drought over there that we are?

    grumblebunny, my mama has always had a clothes line. I remember running through the sheets as a kid. Trust me, that was a long time ago for me too.

    Nan, I am NOT kidding...I saw some really thick terry cloth slippers at Savers and I was THIS close. I think I need a moniker for my current granny phase. Modern Granny? Gripster? omg gripster. hahaha

  6. Zingers is a lot of fun and guess what! There's a new one by Central Market north where the old book store used to be. Not that the other one wasn't close.

    I haven't been yet but I wanna. I go at Christmas and found cool stuff for presents.

  7. I, also, have put up a clothesline this year and LOVE IT!
    I saved so much off our energy bill that I even converted my incredulous husband.
    And there IS something zen like about hanging the wash. I get into a groove - the chickens happily scratching and clucking away, my daughter playing nearby.
    VERY frontier. And thrifty.

  8. Lara: Go to Google, type in "baggie drying holder" and there are many to choose from.
    Michele: I loved this blog so much. I love them all but this one was special.

  9. You ladies have lost your minds if you relish doing a chore that takes longer than before. Seek help immediately.

  10. I was so inspired by this latest post that I had Morgan put up our funky retractable clothesline (purchased at an estate sale for 50 cents!) post haste. I've been using it ever since. I love it because when it's not in use, it's out of sight. Tell me, what do you do to soften your towels a bit. Mine feel like sandpaper!


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