Monday, July 25, 2011

Giving Up.

One of my very favorite things about Austin is the plethora of Farmers' Markets we have.  I've got markets close enough to bike to on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday!  I am a staunch supporter of independent farmers and, besides all that what I believe bruhaha, I just love going to them.  There is something so magical about meeting the person who grows your food...shaking his/her hand...listening to them talk about the food...meeting the families.  I love the faces of all these young people who are going back to the farm to get in touch with something that has been lost.  I love people-watching while I'm there.  The most interesting looking folks go to the markets!  I love all the children running amok.  Most of the markets here in Austin also have live music and that lends yet another element of sweetness to them.  I love gathering my mishmash of canvas bags, climbing on our bikes, making sure we have lemonade money and heading out.  It's a ritual that our family really looks forward to.  I swear I get all teary when I think that part of my child's memories will be these market jaunts.  (I don't get so teary when we're on our way to Chuck E. Cheese, but I'm sure those are good memories for him too!)

So, all this pontificating is leading to my telling you (and myself... again!) that I am giving up on a damn summer garden.  It's absolutely ridiculous for me to use so much water and spend so much time in this  heat when I can hop on my bike with my family and support my local farmer who really, really needs me.  My garden this year was just a disaster and I think, perhaps, deep down inside I am glad because I'm ready to give this up for good.  Fall garden? Oh, yes, indeed!  I could eat lettuce and spinach allll day long and I am looking SO forward to the cool temps of fall and winter and the bounty that that season gives us.  (Woah, that sounded really smarmy. Let me try again.)  Dude, I am so all about fall gardens and totally over this summer crap. 

Look at my poor tomatillos

The ones that stayed green never got bigger than large acorns and the ones that plumped up turned brown instantly. 

The tomatoes got hit early by bugs and squirrels.  There was a small crop of cherry tomatoes, but, my god, I had to water 17 times a day to keep them alive.  I'm not a fall tomato grower so ... I'm about to pull them.  It's too sad to watch them die of thirst.  I'd rather just Boleyn them.

Tangled mass of half-dead, half-alive cherry tomatoes.  I need a Miracle Max pill as they are mostly dead.

WTF, right?  Strawberries once lived in here.

Maybe I'll go into the sunflower market!  I have so many bird feeders in my yard that the sunflowers are about taking over.  Bird eats seed. Bird poops seed. Flower grows. Miracle!

Look at that sweet faced thing.  Isn't she so pretty?

We go to The Triangle Farmers' Market on Wednesday, the Burnet Road Market on Thursdays or Saturdays and sometimes the HOPE Market on Sunday.

Come and support your local grower...they'll really truly appreciate your business.  Don't forget your lemonade money!style="border:none;


  1. I'm with you! We settled for tomatoes in pots and gave up totally although our peppers are surviving. I'm going to try this next year to help with the water problem - we're putting in a couple of beds if we survive my being laid-off.
    it's a good reuse or how to do soemthing cheaply you might like.

  2. Even in the small town where I live there is a farmer who has a stand down the road from me. He and his wife make their living by selling their veggies and eggs. If they charge more than Walmart I don't care. We also have a Farmers Co-Op open on Saturdays through September. It is on the parking lot of Tractor Supply and my friend is the leader.
    We water our trees/grass every other day and are supporting our rural water company in spendid style.
    So it goes.

  3. I hear ya. I was saying the exact same thing a few weeks ago. Only, by some freaky chance, the deer did me a favor this year. When the deer chomped all my tomatoes in half, it delayed their bloom, and they missed out on all the bugs. I can't believe they set fruit in this heat, but right now I've got a Juliet and a Yellow Pear that are covered in tomatoes. Go figure!

  4. you got me again! so funny. so back atcha! i'm channeling you:

  5. Oh! You'll be back I'm sure. This year was just a really really bad year.

  6. Alls I have are the volunteers that the birds have planted including sun flowers. Heck, they're free and grow like (ahem) weeds. They are green and lush, too. I'm giving up summer planting too. I'll wait for fall and find some little withered orphans at the back of Lowe's. They practically give them away and it's fun to see them take hold the flourish.
    p.s. It's so good to come visit here and find your new posts. It's a
    ms. mdd

  7. No need to be a hero and garden through the summer in Texas! We have Spring and Fall;)

  8. Summer gardening isn't for everyone. This year we had a bumper crop of tomatoes, basil, peppers, italian parsley, and zucchini. We still have melons to look forward to, but the tomatoes are played out as is my 4 ft tall basil (plants are still thriving, but they're flowering and I can't keep them dead headed, so fuhget about it). Even with shade cloth and a very efficient drip system, it's much more cost effective, for us, and the environment, to say enough! See ya' at the farmers markets!

  9. yea, just go with the sunflowers! We love them.


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