Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Food

I'm running out of steam in the garden.  It's too %&*#$& HOT.  I'm just about to give up on keeping any non-edibles alive.  Shoot, I'm just about to give up on the edibles too.  Too much work and I, for one, am not a fan of too much work.  

Hopefully I'll have something (anything) to talk about next week, but I kinda doubt it.  Unless, of course, you would like to hear about this particular week when Jack is out of town and the vacuum cleaner died right before a big party and then the  toilet overflowed twice and then I almost burned the house down by putting on a pan of bacon and then getting lost in the vortex of hand watering and then how the police came to my door at 3 in the morning one night and then how some worker guys in a big truck ripped all my internet and phone lines down off my house.   
Other than that, it's been rather boring around here.

Here's a little food porn to get you through the weekend.  Hope it helps.

Lemonade.  Dear, dear homemade lemonade.  We guzzle it.  Plain, with mint, with lavender, with strawberries, with vodka.  Wait, no, I didn't mean that. Oh wait,  yes, I did.

Slutty bruschetta (slutty because I was out of everything and just plopped some crappy store-bought ricotta on top) thingees that the boys actually ate (insert heavens opening up and pouring down light), roasted potatoes with creamy avocado jalapeno sauce and spinach salad with the world's best dressing - Mother's Cashew Tamari. 
OK, this dressing.... oh. mah. gawddddddd.  You can buy it at Whole Foods and I am here to tell STARS that stuff is insane. (Thanks to Mama Christie for turning me on to it.)  Doesn't sound good, does it? Cashew Tamari...blech. It. is. so. freakin. good.
Just like lemonade with vodka.


  1. wait wait .. this all these things really happen or is just summer heat? I had to go outside and around the big fence to feed the free range cats. The field is so dry and crispy but their little hidey-hole in the shrubs is shady and cooler. Their pans a licked clean as a whistle and all their water is gone every day but I'm pretty sure the possums are doing the washing up.
    ms md

  2. Great GoogleyMoogley!!
    I am like Ms. Mudd: did these things really happen? All in one week?
    Poor gull, poor poor gull.

  3. The Blog Gods are telling me to buy lemons. Earlier today I was reading an old post on My French Corner about Citron Presse (a French version of lemonade that's made by the glass, but which is more tart, which forces you to sip it slooooowly), and now this! Must buy lemons!

  4. Oh yeah, and so sorry about your truly sucky week! I always swore that fate seemed to save up everything that could possibly go wrong, then dump it on me as soon as my husband was out of the country on business.

  5. YES! It all happened in about 3 days time actually. And this is what ALWAYS happens when he leaves town. It's crazy. Not sure if I manifest it all to garner sympathy or WHUT, but it suuuucks. I am a poor, poor gull. sigh.

    HI BECKY!! ooo Im almost afraid to go to a blog called My French Corner. So you know the "man out of town" syndrome too. It's so weird, isn't it?

    Ms Mudd - you're so sweet to take care of those outdoor babies! xoxo

  6. Big ole hugs and huge glasses of lemonade with vodka!!

  7. I have to say that now I feel better. EVERYTHING breaks when Greg leaves town. I am so with you. Why don't things just WORK, dagnab it? And why doesn't it rain? My plants are more fed up than I am. Grumpy doesn't even describe my attitude.

    SO, time for some homemade lemonade with vodka! Yahoo! Thanks for that superb idea!

  8. I feel for you. There is an article called zeroscaping on my blog that will help with gardening. Don't go there If you don't want to laugh.


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